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Classes & Workshops


Beginner Adult Irish Dance with Holly Silva
Five Mondays beginning May 16 from 6:45-8pm

Trace the development of Irish dance from humble, simple beginnings in rural Ireland to spectacular stage performances of world acclaim while experiencing the lilt of Irish dance music.

Irish DanceThe goal of this class is to introduce students to forms of dance and music that provide a fundamental understanding of Irish Dance and Music traditions. Solo steps and basic group dances along with new figure choreographies will be featured. Aspects of traditional and modern Irish step dance will be combined to make this an enjoyable and invigorating experience.

Forms introduced include:

  1. Soft shoe jigs, reels and slipjigs that are part of solo, set, ceili and figure dance forms.
  2. Hard shoe treble jigs, reels and Hornpipes as they are used in solo and set dances.
  3. Introduction of simple Sean-Nos(Old-Style) dancing.

Students supply their own shoes. These can be discussed during the first class.

Soft shoes can be ghillies, ballet slippers, or other soft soled shoes for ladies. Men are fine in a light jazz oxford type of shoe. (Socks or bare feet can be used to start for both). Hard shoes can be an Irish Jig shoe or hard soled shoes (preferably leather or other hard composite). Sneakers or rubber soles are not recommended for this type of dancing. Hard shoes are not needed for the first few classes. $75 per person.

Introduction to Drawing with Craig Caldwell
Six Tuesdays beginning May 17 from 10am-noon
This class is designed for the beginning drawer who appreciates art and has always wanted to learn to draw as well as for those looking for a refresher course. Instruction will cover the fundamentals of free-hand drawing: line, perspective, composition, understanding light and form, as well as creating illusions of depth, contrast, and texture. Different drawing material, techniques, and methods will be explored. Open to all levels of experience. A list of supplies will be provided. $150/$125 members. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Craig CaldwellOil Painting and Color Skills with Craig Caldwell
Six Tuesdays beginning May 17 from 1-4pm
This class will build on the fundamentals of using oil paint with a focus not only on painting, gesture, and surface but on the interaction of colors with one another and on creating a new visual language with basic color mixtures. Emphasis will be on creating tones and gradations and color changes as well as mixing colors to create a personal palette with which to become comfortable. Continued emphasis will be on the treatment of edges and tones to create a personal visual language while working on abstract images as well as still lifes, floral studies and basic landscapes. This class is for all levels. Craig is the featured artist at Deep Blue Gallery and a highly-respected instructor with a casual, warm approach to teaching. $175/$150 members. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

To contact Craig with questions, please email: craigjcaldwell@gmail.com.

with Betsy Payne Cook

Develop artistic decision making skills with mini sessions. Classes will use both photo references and still life set ups. Sessions include a formal lesson with discussion of the topic and students will have studio time to practice and implement the strategies and techniques during each mini session. Critique and Q & A. All drawing and painting are welcome. Bring a sketchbook, drawing tools and your preferred medium to class.

Wednesdays May 18 & 25 from noon-2pm. Identify main shapes in your composition, keep proportions accurate and train your eye to see value as an essential practice to good planning. Discover how valuable notan drawings are as a planning tool. All mediums welcome. $50/$40 members.

Wednesdays, June 1 & 8 from noon-2pm. Identify and create effective compositions through thoughtful placement of shapes. Explore how the balance of size, position and placement of shapes can enhance a painting and draw the viewer in. All mediums welcome. $50/$40 members.

Wednesdays, May 4 & 11 from noon-2pm. Incorporate hard and soft edges in your paintings to create visual movement and good composition flow. Identify effective techniques for creating the illusion of depth with hard and soft edges. All mediums welcome. $50/$40 members.

If you have questions please contact Betsy at betsy@betsypaynecook.com. Tuition is $150, $125 for members. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Betsy Payne Cook
Pastel Painting Class – Beginner & Intermediate Levels with Betsy Payne Cook
Six Wednesdays beginning May 18 from 2:30-4:30pm.
This is an ideal class for artists who paint with pastels and would like to expand their use of this versatile medium.  It is also suitable for beginners as lessons can accommodate artists who would like to explore painting with pastels. Pastel paint provides so are so many possibilities: using it dry, altering it to a wet medium, combining it with other mediums. And the choices of pastel sticks and surfaces just keeps growing! Each class will begin with an introductory lesson and allow for plenty of easel time with individual feedback. Instruction will include pastel techniques with hard and soft pastels, underpaintings techniques and the principles of composition & color.

We will use different surfaces for painting; pastel papers, sanded papers and sanded boards.  Some class favorites such as Canson pastel paper and sanded boards such as Sennelier LaCarte, Art Spectrum, UArt and Pastelmat. We will work from photos, still life set-ups and enjoy some time outdoors if the weather permits! Join this class and have some fun painting with pastels! $150/$125 members. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

1916 Easter Rising
The 1916 Easter Rebellion in Ireland with Sean Murphy
Six Thursdays beginning May 19 from 6-7:30pm
This year is the hundredth anniversary of the Easter Rising in 1916. This Rising was the sixth organized rebellion in 300 years against English rule in Ireland. There will be gatherings and celebrations all over the world to commemorate this important event in the history of the people of Ireland.

This course will help students understand why a small group of Irish people took on the might of the British Empire in the middle of World War 1 and what they hoped to achieve. It will provide insights into the political, philosophical, social and economic realities of Ireland and its people after 800 years of colonization. It will look at the impact of the Rising in the years that followed.

There will be plenty of detail to clarify what actually happened during the Rising. The planning and preparation for the Rising is dealt with in detail. The leaders are profiled in order to show the kind of people they were and how they became involved. Each day in the week of the Easter Rising is looked at in detail to reveal the event as it unfolded. The aftermath of the Rising is examined to help understand the changes that came about in the years following the Rising. Some audio-visual materials will be included. $100/$85 for members. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Odin Smith

Acrylic Studio with Odin Smith
Six Fridays beginning May 20 from 2-4:30pm.
Find out why acrylic is one of the hottest trends in making art. Become familiar with the techniques to best use this exciting medium. Learn to use stronger values, better composition, and more dynamic color to give your work strength, depth and interest. Beginners to intermediates will learn to use this expressive medium to bring light and life to their paintings, and most importantly, bring a sense of self to their work. Open to all levels of experience.

A list of supplies will be provided. $150, $125 for members. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Jackie Reeves
Mixed Media Studio with Jackie Reeves
Five Mondays beginning May 16 from 9:30am-12:30pm.
If you are someone who wants to...
-Dedicate time to make art
-Engage with other people with similar goals
-Learn about contemporary artists and their diverse studio practices
-Get out of your comfort zone and explore
-Take risks as you draw, collage, paint, splash, drip, rip, tape, glue, make mistakes and discover something new
-Develop ideas for your artwork with guidance and coaching
-Participate in group discussions about the work created in class
-Receive instruction through structured drawing exercises
-Work independently in a group atmosphere
...Then join Jackie for studio time. She will challenge those who need to shake it up and welcome those who want to get back into making art in a relaxed atmosphere. Bring work samples to first class (optional). $195 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Wok This Way
WOK THIS WAY! with Chef Austin Peters
Saturday, April 30, from 10am-1pm
We all need one or two really good stir-fry recipes in our dinner rotation. Stir-fries not only taste delicious, but are a great way to get a generous serving of veggies in one meal. These recipes are no exception! They are packed with veggies, plus the bonus of a protein (chicken, pork or tofu) make them filling and flavorful. Join us as we make Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry, Honey Ginger Tofu Veggie Stir Fry, and Pork and Pineapple Stir Fry. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Fearless Painter
5 Tuesdays, beginning May 3, 10am-noon
Join Odin in a series of sessions of 4 week classes devoted to working in a smaller and more intensive learning environment, to improve specific artistic skills. This 4-week session will focus on creating distance in your acrylic painting. Using shapes, tones and color to create atmospheric perspective. These classes will help artists to become more confident in their own skills and bring a sense of self and creativity to their own work. Taking risks will be encouraged! Must be on an intermediate to advanced level, and have their own supplies. This class meets in Odin’s Studio on the second floor in the Education Wing.$175 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

SINGLE SERVINGS with Chef Austin Peters
Sunday, May 15 from 1-4pm
Having a quiet night for one and want something tasty to eat to keep you company? Forget the microwave!!  Dinner for one is full of possibilities! Whip up a wholesome meal full of the foods you like with these easy, convenient one-dish and one-pot dinner recipes. Join us as we make Chicken Bacon Pasta, Pork Chop with Pineapple Salsa, and Shrimp Scampi for one. $65 per person. 

Adventures in Watercolor
Wednesdays beginning May 4 from 1:30-4:30pm
Saturdays beginning May 7 from 11:30am-2:30pm
This course will begin with a review of materials and basic watercolor techniques and end with the successful competition of paintings done on the spot. Direct watercolor painting, wet on wet and dry brush techniques will be demonstrated and practiced, knowledge of color, value and composition will also be addressed. Beginners are welcome. This class meets in Julie’s Studio on the second floor in the Education Wing. $120 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Silver Pendants
Precious Metal Clay Workshop: Silver Pendants from Nature with Kim Rumberger
Saturday, May 7 from 12:30-4:30pm
Learn to handle, shape, texture, refine, fire and finish fine silver clay in this workshop. You will complete a pure silver pendant (higher grade than sterling silver) that is imprinted using fresh leaves from plants and herbs.
Precious Metal Clay is a combination of tiny metal crystals (in this case, silver) and a plant-based non-toxic binder. When the binder is burned off, using a kiln or kitchen torch, the crystals become solid metal. The clay picks up textures and details beautifully, and handles very much like ceramic clay. Finished pieces can have a patina applied to beautifully enhance the details.
Because this is the purest form of silver, without any other metals added, the pendant will be tarnish resistant.
The instructor will provide all the tools necessary to complete one pendant. The clay and certain other materials will be purchased from the instructor at the time of the workshop. $55/$45 for members plus cost of clay. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

HEALTHY-ISH with Chef Austin Peters
Tuesday, May 10, from 5:30-8:30pm.
Our healthy weeknight class, with a twist! This class with focus on healthy meals with fresh, interesting flavors that your family will love! We’ll discuss techniques and tips to keep up your new healthier cooking habits as we prepare and then enjoy broccoli-quinoa salad with buttermilk dressing, grilled chicken souvlaki with tzatziki sauce, and toasted orecchiette with turkey meatballs. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Salsa Class
Salsa Class with Doug McHugh of Ballroom Bliss
Four Tuesdays beginning May 10 from 7-8pm.
Just as the name implies, the Salsa is a hot and spicy dance. Hot because of its current popularity on the modern dance scene. Spicy because of the sensual body movements that will make any heart skip a beat. Salsa features lots of turns and spins as well as some intricate footwork. In this class, you will perfect your musicality – the expression of music through dance movement. In four weeks, you will master the basics and turns that make Salsa so much fun to learn. Instructor Doug McHugh of Ballroom Bliss has been teaching professionally now for over 14 years. $80 couples/$48 singles. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Jacques & Julia
Jacques & Julia with Chef Austin Peters
Thursday, May 12, from 3-6pm.
The true dream team of cooking! Much of the best French food this side of the Atlantic can be credited to this dynamic duo. We'll channel their boundless spirit for la cuisine Francaise as we cook some of their most-requested recipes together. Jacques's onion soup gratinee, pommes de terre Mont d'Or, and Julia's blanched butter green beans. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Spring in Paris
Spring in Paris with Chef Austin Peters
Tuesday, May 17 from 5:30-8:30pm.
“When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise.” - Henry Miller. Celebrate spring in the City of Light with a French-inspired seasonal menu full of all the charm and romance you would expect from a warm night in Paris. Menu includes gougeres with gruyere and spring greens, soupe au pistou, coq au vin blanc with buttered noodles, and haricot vert with caramelized red onion. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Intro to Photography with Julia Cumes
Six Tuesdays beginning May 17 from 6-8pm
If you've always wanted to learn photography but don't know where to start, this workshop is for you. Julia Cumes' basic photography class introduces inexperienced photographers to their cameras and to the technical and creative skills photography requires.

Julia CumesThrough a combination of slide shows and demonstrations, participants will learn the basics of camera operation and imaging software to produce competent digital photographs. Subjects covered will include aperture, iso, shutter speed, focal length, composition and post-production image toning. Assignments will offer participants the opportunity to explore their cameras and practice the techniques and approaches they learn during the workshop sessions. Access to a digital SLR camera and computer are required.

$140 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Couples' Cooking
Couples' Cooking: Cuddle Up with Chef Austin Peters
Saturday, May 21, from 10am-1pm.
A great date deserves a great dinner to fuel it! Light your night up with some big flavors that you help to create, together. Reserve your spots now to see just how fun it is to mix cooking and romancing! Menu includes brown sugar glazed pork tenderloin, braised carrots with crispy sage, hearty potato and sausage gratin, blueberry and lemon bread pudding. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Southern Country Cuisine
Southern Country Cuisine with Chef Austin Peters
Tuesday, May 24, from 5:30-8:30pm.
Join us to find out what Cajun and Creole cooking have in common and what sets them apart. We'll discuss their shared French heritage, their unique ingredients, and the city versus country aspects of these two cuisines. One thing is for sure: while these dishes are fine examples of regional American cooking, they're also some of our national treasures. Menu includes fried green tomatoes with remoulade, jambalaya with shrimp and Andouille sausage, buttermilk fried chicken thighs, jalapeno-cheddar cornbread muffins. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Lidia's Italy
Lidia's Italy: Italian Recipes of Lidia Bastianich with Chef Austin Peters
Thursday, May 26, from 3-6pm.
Join us in a tribute to the food of Lidia Bastianich, an Italian-born American celebrity chef, television host, author, and restaurateur. We will make her tomato and clam soup, roasted loin of pork stuffed with prunes and zabaglione with fresh fruit. Specializing in Italian and Italian-American cuisine, Bastianich has been a regular contributor to public television cooking shows since 1998. In 2014, she launched her fifth television series, Lidia's Kitchen. She owns several Italian restaurants in the U.S. including Felidia Del Posto, Esca, and Becco in Manhattan; Lidia's Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania; and Lidia's Kansas City. Please note, Lidia will not be in attendance. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
I Love that Chef! Jamie Oliver
I Love That Chef! The Food of Jamie Oliver with Chef Austin Peters
Thursday, June 2, from 3-6pm.
Join us in a tribute to the food of Jamie Oliver, a British celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality known for his food-focused television shows, cookbooks, and his global campaign for better food education. We will make his Aussie humble pie (with a steak and ale filling) baked potato, and celeriac & garlic mash. Jamie is well known for his award winning cookbooks and international television shows. He is also noted for his global campaigning for banning unhealthy foods in schools and getting children on board eating nutritious food instead. He established the Fifteen charity restaurant where he trains disadvantaged young people to work in the hospitality industry. Please note, Jamie will not be in attendance. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Surf & Turf
Surf and Turf with Chef Austin Peters
Tuesday, June 7, from 5:30-8:30pm.
There's a reason this is a classic paring! But we’ll combing meat and seafood in whole new ways to create memorable dishes. We'll roast, sear, and grill our way to dinner perfection. Oh, and we'll add salad, potatoes, and dessert for fun! Menu includes classic wedge salad with bacon, red onion, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, and Russian dressing, grilled flank steak and grilled prawns w/ blue cheese and rosemary compound butter, thyme and garlic potato duchess, apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
I Love that Chef! Wolfgang Puck
I Love That Chef! The Food of Wolfgang Puck with Chef Austin Peters
Thursday, June 9, from 3-6pm.
Join us in a tribute to the food of Wolfgang Puck, an Austrian-born American celebrity chef and restaurateur. We will make his roasted garlic crostini with assorted toppings, Caesar salad with homemade tapenade croutons, wine-braised brisket of beef with caramelized pearl onions and dried apricots. Best known for his restaurant Spago in Beverly Hills, recognized as a top 40 restaurant in the US since 2004. His success enabled him to launch Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group and Wolfgang Puck Catering. Please note, Wolfgang will not be in attendance. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Italian Dream
Italian Dream with Chef Austin Peters
Saturday, June 11 from 10am-1pm.
Your wish for a dreamy date night is our command! We think you two would make a great team in the kitchen, showing off how good you look in a wooden spoon apron, and finally figuring out which one of you is chef (and who should be prep cook). You will whisk, bake, sear, and mix up a good time together as you help prepare classic antipasto with assorted cured meats, Italian cheese & olives, Tuscan steak with arugula pesto, Brussels sprouts with pancetta, and polenta cheese crisps. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Zhang Landscapes
Create a Landscape with Your Own Photos with Christopher Zhang
Saturday and Sunday June 11 and 12 from 9:00 to 4:00 
This two day workshop will begins with a demo in the morning. Christopher will show his style and techniques on canvas and share his experiences with the students. He will teach how to select the good photos and use them to create a beautiful landscape painting. The students will learn from the compositions such as the perspectives and the light sources to the colors such as warm and cool from the nature, and lots more. He will help each individual’s canvas and give his comments and instructions as well. This workshop is open to all levels and all mediums.
$260 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register. 
Regional Mexican
Regional Mexican with Chef Austin Peters
Tuesday, June 14, from 5:30-8:30pm.
Go loco with us as we learn what our neighbors to the south already know--limes, cilantro, and chilies are essential to life! We'll start with one of our favorite things to sip, then learn all about how to achieve the intense fiesta flavors we all crave. We'll spin some mariachi tunes and reminisce about the good old days at the hacienda. Menu includes Vera Cruz citrus shrimp tacos, puebla pollo poblano: chicken in poblano cream sauce, Oaxacan seasonal grilled vegetables, and michoacan: arroz a la Mexicana.$65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
I Love that Chef! Rachael Ray
I Love That Chef! The Food of Rachael Ray with Chef Austin Peters
Thursday, June 16, from 3-6pm.
Join us in a tribute to the food of Rachael Ray, celebrity cook, author and television personality. We will make her broccoli and brussel sprout slaw, bacon burgers with caramelized onions and gorgonzola, and fresh cut waffle fries. Now with her own daytime show, Rachael Ray, she began her television career with 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network. Her success has expanded to dozens of cookbooks, her own magazine and product endorsements. Please note Rachael will not be in attendance. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Bronze Tile Bracelet
Precious Metal Clay Class: Bronze Tile Bracelet with Kim Rumberger
Two classes; Saturday, June 18 from 1-4pm and Friday, June 24 from 5:30-8:30pm.
Learn to handle, shape, texture, refine, fire and finish fine bronze clay, as well as some wire wrapping techniques, in this two session class. You will complete one beautiful bracelet, comprised of small bronze tiles and copper wire.
In the first session you will create your textured tiles with the clay, and prepare them to be fired. The pieces will be taken to the instructor’s kiln, and brought back to finish and assemble in the second session.
Bronze clay is made up of tiny copper and tin crystals in a plant-based, non-toxic binder. When the binder burns off, the crystals form solid bronze. This clay must be fired in a kiln, buried in carbon, in a stainless steel vessel, due to oxidation during the process. The clay picks up textures and details beautifully, and handles very much like ceramic clay.
The instructor will provide all the tools necessary to complete one pendant. The clay and certain other materials will be purchased from the instructor at the time of the workshop. $95/$85 for members plus the cost of clay. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Cooking With Beer
Cooking with Beer with Chef Austin Peters
Saturday, June 18, from 1pm-4pm.
Cooking with beer rewards us with sublime and rich flavors ordinarily found only in the city's most high-end gastro pubs. Let's see what happens when we take advantage of several different beer styles. This class combines cooking and a party when you bring your own bottle of beer to enjoy with this tasty dinner! Let's eat beer! Menu includes ale battered cod fritters with chipotle aioli, pale ale cheese and potato soup, porter beer grilled pork tenderloin, and roasted potatoes with brown ale butter. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Foodie Call
Foodie Call with Chef Austin Peters
Tuesday, June 21, from 5:30-8:30pm.
Ever wanted to make a truly memorable meal? Bring out your inner gourmet by learning these classics, then surprise everyone by inviting them over for the instant re-play! We'll practice grilling, soup-making, and baking; then we'll eat all our handiwork! Menu includes cream of mushroom soup, grilled NY strip steak with an herb-garlic-bleu cheese butter, grilled asparagus, and crispy potato galette. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
I Love that Chef! Emeril Lagasse
I Love That Chef! The Food of Emeril Lagasse with Chef Austin Peters
Thursday, June 23, from 3-6pm.
Join us in a tribute to the food of Emeril Lagasse, well-known cookbook author, restaurateur, and television personality, serving as food correspondent with ABC’s Good Morning America since 1998. We will make his Cajun jambalaya, red beans and rice, and apple brown betty. Perhaps the most recognized chef in the world, Emeril graduated from Johnson and Wales. He currently is the executive chef and proprietor of twelve restaurants in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
A native of Fall River, MA, his Portuguese roots are a strong influence in his dishes. Please note: Emeril will not be in attendance. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Island Getaway
Island Getaway with Chef Austin Peters
Saturday, June 25, from 10am-1pm.
Use your imagination and let the breezy, tropical tastes and aromas of rum, mango, and spices transport you to a warm beach. menu includes Cuban mojito, mango salsa served with fried plantains, Jamaican curry chicken, Caribbean vegetables and Barbados papaya black beans and rice. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Beginner Stained Glass
Beginner Stained Glass Course with Elizabeth Embler
Six Wednesdays June 29-August 3.
This beginner class will be taught by Stained Glass artist Elizabeth Embler. In this class you will learn the proper way to cut glass, work with copper foil, solder and frame a stained glass piece. Elizabeth will introduce you to all the tools of the craft and many of the various types of glass used. Upon completion of the course you will have a full understanding of the basics used in the stained glass craft as well as one or more finished pieces. You will also gain the confidence to create your own stained glass designs. $165 per person, plus materials. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Summer Painting
Summer Painting with Suzanne Packer
Six Thursdays beginning June 30-August 4 from 9:30am - 12:30pm
Spend your summer Wednesdays creating colorful paintings. Each week there will be a new still life set up to paint. Paintings will develop from the initial stage of creating a good composition, learning tricks of color mixing, applying the paint, and creating visual textures and contrasts. There will be much individual instruction. Each class will end with a group critique, a beneficial way to learn by looking at what other are doing.

Water-mixable oil paints are the first choice, but all mediums are welcome. $180 / $150 for members
A $40 yearly individual membership will pay for itself with registration.
I Love that Chef! Martha Stewart
I Love That Chef! The Food of Martha Stewart with Chef Austin Peters
Thursday June 30 from 3-6pm.
Join us in a tribute to the food of Martha Stewart, American businesswoman, writer, and television personality. We will make her baked camembert with bacon, rosemary, and pine nuts, chicken Bolognese with tagliatelle, and mudslide cookies. Stewart started a catering business out of her home in Connecticut. Her talent as a chef and businesswoman led her to develop a cookbook featuring recipes and photos from the parties that she hosted. The result became her first book, Entertaining. Dozens of other cookbooks followed and led to the rise of her company Martha Stewart Living. An empire well known in it’s media from radio to television and it’s successful merchandising ventures. Please note, Martha will not be in attendance. $65 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

The Early Religion of Ireland: From Pagan to Christian with Mary Ann Eaton
Easter RebellionEight Wednesdays beginning July 6 from 3-5pm
The ancient Irish worshipped their divine through the unique practice of Druidism until Christianity began to be preached in the 5th century. In this course, we will look at Druidism in the life of the ancients; the uniqueness of the early Christian Church in Ireland along with some of its saints (Patrick, Brigid, Brendan); why monastic life at Clon MacNois, Michael Skellig, and Iona flourished and contributed much to society; and we will end the study with a glimpse into the beauty and uniqueness of Celtic spirituality. Course readings are a combination of handouts (small charge payable to instructor) and books ordered by student from online sources. The booklist will be emailed to registered students. Cost $85 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register. 

Summer Strummers
Summer Strummers with Susan Anarino
July 11-15 for youth ages 4 ½-8
July 18-22 for youth ages 8-12
$95 per child

Ukulele is the perfect instrument for kids to explore the world of music. It is small, easy to carry, easy on the fingers and simple to start with. Have fun learning easy strums, chords and songs. This class will teach all the basics, no experience necessary. At weeks end the children will participate in a “local gig” to share what they have learned. Students need to bring enthusiasm and love of music. All sheet music and instruments will be provided. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Kitchen Camp
Kitchen Camp: All About Technique with Chef Austin Peters
M/W/F August 8, 10 & 12
Youth ages 8-12
$95 per child

Does your child love to help you prepare dinner in the kitchen or is advanced enough to cook an entire meal? If so, you may have a budding chef on your hands! Our summer programs will introduce your child to many aspects of the culinary world. Along with knife skills, nutrition, kitchen sanitation and safety, your child will cook dishes “hands-on.” A friendly and casual, chef supervised environment. Includes all supplies and food costs.

Day 1: Knife Skills, Stocks & Sauces - chicken stock, chicken, vegetable & rice soup, roasted potatoes, chicken with cream sauce
Day 2: Sauté & Braising - braised chicken thighs, sautéed vegetables, sautéed apple cobbler
Day 3: Grilling & Frying – assorted omelets, sunny side up eggs, turkey bacon, chocolate chip pancakes

Teen Chef
Teen Chef: Foodies with Chef Austin Peters
M/W/F August 15, 17 & 19
Teens ages 13-17
$95 per child

Does your teen refer to extra virgin olive oil as E.V.O.O and do they HAVE to be home to watch the latest episode of “Chopped”? If so, you may have a budding chef on your hands! Along with knife skills, nutrition, kitchen sanitation and safety, your teen will cook dishes “hands-on.” Includes all supplies and food costs.

Day 1: Knife Skills, Sauté, and Vegetable Roast- roasted garlic and rosemary red potatoes with vegetables; caramelized onions with mushrooms; honey brown sugar caramelized carrots
Day 2: Moist Method Cooking- poached fish with seasonal vegetables; risotto with mushrooms; steamed vegetable dumplings
Day 3: Searing, Pan-frying, and Grilling- pan-fried chicken; grilled Asian-glazed chicken kabobs; sirloin steak with marinade
Portfolio Development

Portfolio Development for Photographers with Ed Grossman
Six Wednesdays, September 14, October 12, November 9, December 14, 2016 and January 11, 2017 and February 8, 2017 from 6-8pm
Includes an exhibit in the Great Hall March 2017.
Expand your creative potential by focusing your photography skills on building a cohesive portfolio for exhibition at the Cultural Center!
In this course, students will:
Take part in fun exercises to brainstorm ideas and stir creativity
Develop the editing skills needed to produce a strong collection
Learn how to provide and use feedback in photo critiques
Explore presentation options like exhibit layouts, online galleries, and bookmaking.
Create support materials to promote themselves and their work
Identify opportunities for their portfolios after the class has ended

This is a great opportunity to learn, meet people, have fun, and add an exhibit to your resume.
There will be 6 classes, each lasting 2 hours. In addition, each student can book two 30-minute private consultation sessions with the instructor over the course of the workshop.
Participating photographers should have at least intermediate skills and be capable of bringing prints to each class for review. $220/$195 for members. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Plein Air Color and Light
En Plein Air with a Focus on Color and Light with John Clayton
Saturday & Sunday-September 17 & 18
$200 per person

This workshop will be a chance to learn about Clayton’s techniques for working outdoors (“en plein air”) to capture the color, light and shade in landscape elements. John will demonstrate during each session and go over all the possibilities of learning to see color. This class is open to all levels. We will work primarily in oils and use a knife to keep color expression simple. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Irish Myths and Sagas with Mary Ann Eaton
Eight classes beginning September 21 from 3-5pm
From the mists of Irish Literature come ancient pre-Christian tales and sagas that are unique to Ireland-Stories of her goddesses and gods, her heroes and villains of Ulster, her warriors, kings, and queens, along with her epic Tain Bo Cuailnge. The class is taught by Mary Ann Eaton who has a BA in English and has attended University College Cork, Cork City Ireland, concentrating her studies in Irish and Celtic Literature. Mary Ann will contact students regarding materials / book. $85 per person. Call 508-39497100 to register. 


Writing Emotionally Meaningful Poems with Barry Hellman

Saturday May 14 from 1-3pm.
During the workshop we’ll move from a reading and discussion of emotionally resonant writing by a variety of poets to an interactive prompt designed to generate similar kinds of work. The poet Tony Hoagland must have had this kind of poetry in mind when he said, “When I am at a good poetry reading, I am carried deep into my own interior; I think of times and people and events that are far away, and I feel them again.” Following the meeting, write a poem generated by the prompt. You can do that on your own or in collaboration with another workshop member. Between May 15 and June 15, email the poem to Barry and receive feedback in terms of the focus of the workshop. In addition, you may be invited to read your poem as a Guest Poet at an upcoming Cape Cod Poetry Group Poetry & Music event, if you’d like do so. Bring notebook and pen, an adventuresome spirit, and an interest in writing poems that make an emotional connection with readers and listeners.

$25 per person. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Puppets, Marionettes, and More Puppets! with Dianna Morton
Youth ages 8-12
Monday – Friday, July 11-15
From 10am – noon
$125 per child

In this workshop, kids will have a blast with simple sock and finger puppets, shadow puppets, stick puppets, carnival and body puppets and marionettes. Using various recycled materials, paints, paper mâché and Paris craft, kids will explore various techniques as they create their own unique puppets. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
I Am!
I Am! with Dianna Morton
Youth ages 8-12
Monday – Friday, July 18-22
From 10am – noon
$125 per child

You know who you are, but you may not know how to convey the true you. Art can help! Creative writing combined with collage, drawing, and painting can speak volumes. And you’ll learn a lot about yourself as a writer and artist as you respond to creative challenges. This workshop is for young people who want to express themselves through visual and written art ... and to discover how wonderful it feels to be understood by others like them. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Mixed Media Collage
Mixed Media Collage with Christine Golding
Youth ages 8-12
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, July 25, 27 & 29
From 10am – 11:30
$75 per child

We’ll create interesting backgrounds with acrylic paint using several techniques to prepare a base for a beautiful collage. Then we’ll tear, cut, rip and paste from many different sources to make colorful masterpieces! We’ll add several embellishments to finish our pieces. From paint, fabrics, papers, string, beads, glue and more, this art form has endless possibilities for artistic expression. A great way for kids to use their creativity to create one-of-a-kind colorful pieces that show off their personality. Call 508-394-7100 to register.
Eric Carle Art
Eric Carle Art with Christine Golding
Youth ages 5-8
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, August 1, 3 & 5
From 10am – 11:30
$75 per child

We’ll create masterpieces inspired by the style of Eric Carle, using different paints and fun materials. We’ll then share all the different creative papers with classmates to create great pieces of art in the shapes of animals, flowers, landscapes, self-portraits, sea creatures and more! We’ll look at several of Eric Carle’s storybooks with examples of his art to inspire us. Kids adore his books and are thrilled to create art that look just like the book. They play with paint, experiment with different textures and create their very own treasure. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Plein Air Poetry with Pit Pinegar
Plein AirFive Saturdays: August 13 and October 8, 2016; January 14, April 8, and June 10, 2017
In this five-session workshop (spread out over four seasons) we will observe and then create poems that incorporate our observations.  Plein Air poetry, like plein air painting, takes us outside into the natural world for close observation filtered through all our senses. Plein air “collecting” sends the poet into the field not to find a vista, but to observe-and-sense the details—the head of a cattail, seaweed along a high tide line, cloud formations, dew or rain or snow on grass, the squeak of the boat’s line as the tide rises and falls, a butterfly wing (colors, pattern, feel, placement), or the scent coming off a marsh (at high tide, low tide, summer, winter). Because imagery is a key element in poetry, participants will be encouraged to paint pictures with words. To let metaphors and similes flow naturally from perceptions. Time spent outside will be part of each workshop regardless of weather or temperature. We will also look at a variety of poems and forms that take inspiration from details of the natural world.  Although this workshop is intended for poets at all levels of proficiency, it will also support the work of fiction and nonfiction writers. In between sessions, participants will engage in daily writing habits established in the workshops.

Please bring notebook, writing implements and wear appropriate clothing.  If the forecast is for rain, bring an umbrella. $45 per session or $210 for the full series. Call 508-394-7100 to register. Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 307 Old Main St., South Yarmouth.

Mix Match Color
Mix to Match Color You See with Rosalie Nadeau
Wednesday & Thursday- November 16 & 17, 2016

Mix color intuitively. Learn to see value, temperature, hue and chroma in all colors! Analyze how the quality of light affects color. Visually organize the colors you have to match the color you see! Oil painters will work with palette knife and pastel painters will layer to achieve vibrant, luminous, clean color. Refine your color sense without the stress of painting representational subject matter. Call 508-394-7100 to register.


Figure Drawing and Painting with Sarah Holl
Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm
Sarah HollCome join our group of artists who love to draw and paint using a live model as a departure point. This class will be led by artist Sarah Holl who is a 3rd generation figure drawing instructor and who's class roots go back over 12 years. Artists of all levels are welcome to attend from beginner to the accomplished. Students are encouraged to find their own voice using their choice of medium. This class is highly recommended for teens who are preparing their portfolios for college and need drawings from observation. Students will be advised on how to not only how to create working drawings but what they need to include in their portfolio.

Starting with 2 minute warm ups this 2-hour class will have 3/20 minute poses and end with a group critique. $25/class. This is a drop-in class, however pre-registration  is recomended. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

The New Horizons Band Wants You!

The New Horizons Band program has chapters all over the country, for people who are 50ish and older and want to make new friends and share their love of music. The band is for those who have never before played an instrument and would like to learn in a group setting or who used to play but haven't in some time. The band rehearses at the Cultural Center every Monday at 3:30. If you're interested in joining or would just like to learn more about the band, stop by on a Monday afternoon or call for more information. New members are always welcome! Learn more

Saturday Morning Italian Classes

Free! Advanced Italian from 9-10:30am and Beginning Italian from 10:30am-noon. Students must be members of the Center and purchase "Learning Italian With or Without a Teacher" (written by instructor Guido Farina) from our gift shop or from Amazon for $19.95. If you have questions, you can call Guido at 508-398-0675.

Custom Cooking Events
Austin PetersDo you have something specific in mind for a Culinary Event? We can accommodate small and large groups, private classes, cooking parties, you name it! Do you have a specific menu in mind? Just let us know and we can tailor an event just for you!

Put yourself in our hands for your very own custom cooking class for any occasion:

  • Corporate Team Building
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
  • Birthdays
  • Intimate Dinner Party
  • Cooking Party

Our rates depend on menu, service style and number of guests. We will be happy to prepare a personalized estimate for you. Contact Amy at aneill@cultural-center.org or call 508-394-7100.