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Classes & Workshops

The New Horizons Band Wants You!
The New Horizons Band program has chapters all over the country, for people who are 50ish and older and want to make new friends and share their love of music. The band is for those who have never before played an instrument and would like to learn in a group setting or who used to play but haven't in some time. The band rehearses at the Cultural Center every Monday at 3:30. If you're interested in joining or would just like to learn more about the band, stop by on a Monday afternoon or call for more information. New members are always welcome! Learn more

Saturday Morning Italian Classes
Free! Advanced Italian from 9-10:30am and Beginning Italian from 10:30am-noon. Students must be members of the Center and purchase "Learning Italian With or Without a Teacher" (written by instructor Guido Farina) from our gift shop or from Amazon for $19.95. If you have questions, you can call Guido at 508-398-0675.

Color and Composition with Suzanne M. Packer
Six Wednesdays
July 1-August 5
Create paintings that have visual movement, paintings that have the viewer's eye move across and around the canvas, this is the focus of the class. Learn to develop a composition that works within the plane of the canvas. Learn to use color harmonies, color temperatures, textures and composition to create visual interest.  All skill levels are acceptable as there will be much individual instruction and tutoring along with group discussions and critiques. $180/$150 for members of the Cultural Center. (Note: a $40 yearly individual membership will nearly pay for itself with registration for this class.) Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Wild about Wilde!
Wednesdays 3-5pm
July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12, 19, 26
Oscar WildeHe was more than just a successful Irish playwright – Oscar Wilde wrote fairy tales for children; witty entertaining short stories for adults; a popular, yet shocking novel; a collection of poems and essays, some with themes of tragedy and suffering. He was a master at his craft, trying to balance his fascination for both art and decadent life. Join instructor Mary Ann Eaton for an 8-week study, through film and text, into the brilliant works and fascinating life of Oscar Wilde. A reading list and syllabus will be emailed when registered. 508-394-7100. $85.

Irish History
A six-week class
Tuesdays, July 14-August 18, 11 am - 12:30pm
Sean Murphy instructor
Next year, 2016, will be the first centenary anniversary of the Easter Rising in 1916. There will be commemorations, gatherings and celebrations all over the world. This course provides a quick overview of Irish history from the arrival of the Vikings in 795 AD to the Easter Rising of 1916. This course will answer many of the questions people have about Irish history and Irish people. Questions such as what motivated people to rise up in 1916 to rise up against the occupation of Ireland by British armed forces and against the rule of a British parliament in London? What do the American War of Independence and the Irish War of Independence have in common? What happened in Ireland that resulted in Irish people ending up on every continent of the world? Why were so many Irish people sold as slaves in the 16th, 17th and 18th century? Why were people in such a pitiful state when they arrived on foreign shores? Why did so many Irish people die from famine and disease? What happened to the Ireland of Saints and Scholars after the Irish golden age from 500 to 800 AD?

Irish ClassThe course will examine the effects in Ireland of invasions by the Vikings, Normans and English, and of decisions by successive British royal families and parliamentarians. It looks at the efforts of Irish clans including the O'Neill's, O'Connor's and O'Brien's, and the Fitzgerald's in trying to prevent the destruction of Celtic Ireland.  It examines the impact in Ireland of the reformation and the consequent penal laws. It gives an insight into the irrepressible spirit of the Irish as demonstrated in successive generations of Irish people fighting to gain independence from the British before and after the destruction of Gaelic Ireland. In particular the course examines the role of many, who fought peacefully and with arms, such as Patrick Sarsfield, Wolfe Tone, Robert Emmett, Daniel O'Connell, Thomas Davis, Michael Davitt, Charles Stewart Parnell and Padraic Pearse. Sean Murphy is from Ireland and has studied the Economic and Political History of Ireland and has a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in Sociology and Politics. He teaches Irish set and ceile dancing and traditional Irish music at venues on Cape Cod. He is also involved in promoting Irish music sessions and cultural events. In 2014 he was awarded the Thomas P McCann "Altruism Award" trophy by the Cape Cod St. Patrick's Day Committee for his "support and commitment to the Culture and Heritage of Ireland and its people." These are the topics that will be covered: The Vikings and their impact on Ireland;  The arrival of the Normans and the history of Ireland from the 12th to the 16th Century;  The Re-conquest of Ireland: 1536 – 1691; Irish people as slaves and indentured laborers; The Penal Laws; Risings:1798 to 1916. $100, $85 for members. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Pastel Painting Class – beginner & intermediate levels –  with Betsy Payne Cook
Six Tuesday afternoon, from 2-4pm, July 14-August 18
This is an ideal class for artists who paint with pastels and would like to expand their use of this versatile medium.  It is also suitable for beginners as lessons can accommodate artists who would like to explore painting with pastels.

Pastel paint provides so are so many possibilities: using it dry, altering it to a wet medium, combining it with other mediums. And the choices of pastel sticks and surfaces just keeps growing! Each class will begin with an introductory lesson and allow for plenty of easel time with individual feedback. Instruction will include pastel techniques with hard and soft pastels, underpaintings techniques and the principles of composition & color. We will use different surfaces for painting; pastel papers,  sanded papers and sanded boards.  Some class favorites such as Canson pastel paper and sanded boards such as Sennelier LaCarte, Art Spectrum, UArt and Pastelmat. We will work from photos, still life set-ups and enjoy some time outdoors if the weather permits! Join this class and have some fun painting with pastels!

Pastel Painting ClassMaterials List:
Sketch pad, pencils & charcoal.
Hard pastels -such as Nu-Pastels, Rembrandts
Soft pastels – such as Great American, Unison, Terry Ludwig
Foamcore board for mounting papers
Inexpensive 1” flat watercolor brush

Paper & sanded boards will be available for purchase from the instructor, who will also have a limited supply of pastels for purchase.  It is not necessary to have a huge selection of colors to start, but a variety of values (light, medium and darks) will be very helpful. 

Locally, you can purchase pastel supplies from Woodrufts Art Store in Mashpee & ACMoore and Michaels . Additional soft pastels such as Unison, Great American & Terry Ludwig pastels can be purchased on-line from various art supply companies such as ASW, Jerry’s Artarama, Dick Blick and Dakota Art Supplies. Foam core board is sold at Staples & you can cut it to size.  Betsy uses black, but it is also sold in white; color is a personal preference.

If you have any questions please contact Betsy at betsy@betsypaynecook.com. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Tuition is $150, $125 for members.

Two Music Appreciation Courses with David Cohen
After receiving a Master’s degree in composition, composer David M. Cohen worked and composed in New York City where his work was performed at various universities and at Lincoln Center. He then attended UCLA's film scoring program under the direction of CBS music supervisor Don Ray and studied "Hollywood" orchestration from the preeminent orchestrator, Dr. Albert Harris. David subsequently composed music for documentary features and written songs for film. In 2011, he was commissioned by the Cape Symphony to compose an original work, Cape Cod Impressions, to celebrate the orchestra's 50th anniversary. He also wrote arrangements for Siobhan Magnus' performance with the symphony in celebration of Barnstable's 375th anniversary and for the CSO's 2014 holiday concert. He will teach the following classes.

BroadwayBeloved Broadway Musicals!
Discover what makes the greatest Broadway musicals so special.  We will watch video excerpts from some of the top musicals of all time and discuss why these shows have captured the hearts and imagination of audiences for generations.  Each class will focus on one show with emphasis on understanding and more fully experiencing the music, lyrics, characters and plot lines.  Shows to be discussed in this course will be some of the longest running Broadway musicals, including: The Phantom of the Opera, Cabaret, Cats, West Side Story, The Producers and Fiddler on the Roof. Participants will learn some of the underlying literary, musical and lyrical innovations used as well as gain insight into the characters and plot lines of these great musicals. Classes are Thursdays, from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m., August 27th through October 1, 2015. $125, $100 for members.

The Magic of the Symphony
Start the season off right by enriching your understanding of the Music of the Masters.

SymphonyThis class will be a magical journey through Symphonic Masterpieces:

  • The language of music and its unique ability to non-verbally communicate emotional, historical, spiritual and intellectual ideas.
  • The evolution of Symphonic form and hear examples from orchestral repertoire.
  • We will contrast "great" and "not-so-great" works and learn why some have risen to the top of the charts.
  • We'll explore works by the greatest masters of orchestration and innovations that forever changed the orchestral landscape.
  • We'll compare symphonic interpretations by renowned conductors and hear how they influence their orchestra's performances.

Classes are Tuesdays, from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m., September 1st  through October 6, 2015. $125, $100 for members

Sumi-E - The Breath of the BrushSumi-E -- The Breath of the Brush
A Chinese Brush Painting Class with Roberta Silbret
Four Mondays, 10am-noon
September 14-October 5
Roberta Silbret, art therapist, has 30 years of experience as an art educator. In this class, students will explore their creativity and achieve tranquility through this light, airy, freeing method of the Chinese brush stroke. Students will learn linear brush style known as Mo Ku, painting bamboo, places, people and things in a serene atmosphere to relaxing music. All materials will be supplied by the instructor. $140 / $120 for members. Call 508-394-7100 to register. Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 307 Old Main St., South Yarmouth.

Art Appreciation for Travelers to France, with Elizabeth Mumford
Six Thursdays, September 10-October 15, 3-5pm
Perfect for art lovers planning to travel to France ... or for those who’ve already been or just love to learn about the art of France! A painter of seaside life, Elizabeth Mumford paints in a whimsical style with a nautical theme that reminds us of the simple pleasures and traditions of our American heritage.  Her style is influenced by American Folk Art as well as Flemish painters of the 16th Century, primarily Breughel. Liz’s “signature” is a black painted border with bronze stenciled corners and red lettered text. Elizabeth also gives lectures and teaches on various topics. In this class, she will cover the following topics:

Liz MumfordClass 1: Prehistory, Roman period, Middle Ages 400-1000 (Merovingians, Charlemagne, Ottonians, Viking.
Class 2: Romanesque, Gothic, International Gothic.
Class 3: Renaissance, Francois I, Chateau of the Loire Valley
Class 4: Baroque 16th Century Louis IV, Rococo Louis XV and Louis XVI. Neoclassicism and the Enlightenment
Class 5: Revolution and Imperialism; Romanticism, Orientalism, and Classical Trends
Class 6: Avant-Garde and Realism; Impressionism and fin de siecle art; early 20th Century.

$150, $125 for members. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

“En Plein Air With a Focus on Color and Light” A Workshop with John Clayton
Saturday and Sunday, October 3 & 4, 9am-4pm
This workshop will be a chance to learn about Clayton’s techniques for working outdoors (“en plain air”) to capture the color, light and shade in landscape elements. John will demonstrate during each session and go over all the possibilities of learning to see color. This class is open to all levels. We will work primarily in oils and use a knife to keep color expression simple.

West End Roof TopsAbout the Instructor: John Clayton left the Art Student's League of New York to join the Cape School in Provincetown to embrace the "Art of Seeing Color" as taught by the late Henry Hensche, and Charles W. Hawthorne. He now continues the Tradition of Cape School Painting, working outdoors whenever he can, a truly devoted plein air painter. "Color is the vehicle I use to express my own sense of nature. I am inspired by nature and light; its ever changing conditions are challenging to me,” he says. “My work is about the light key, and expressing it through paint.” While attending the National Academy in New York, John was the recipient of the Arthur and Melville Philips Scholarship and the Mrs. Roberts Forbes Scholarship. He also received an honorable mention in the Academy's annual student show. Clayton was one of eight in the Provincetown Art Association's "Emerging Artists Exhibition” in 1999. In 2006 he received a grant from the MA Cultural Council. Tuition is $200. To register, call 508-394-7100 or stop by the Cultural Center.