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Classes & Workshops

The New Horizons Band Wants You!
The New Horizons Band program has chapters all over the country, for people who are 50ish and older and want to make new friends and share their love of music. The band is for those who have never before played an instrument and would like to learn in a group setting or who used to play but haven't in some time. The band rehearses at the Cultural Center every Monday at 3:30. If you're interested in joining or would just like to learn more about the band, stop by on a Monday afternoon or call for more information. New members are always welcome! Learn more

19th & 20th Century Irish Plays with Mary Ann Eaton
Through text and film we will study some of Ireland's notable plays and playwrights: John Millington Synge, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, Brian Friel, Eugene McCabe. 8 Sessions: $85. Handouts cost approx $15 payable to the instructor. Wednesdays, 3-5pm: July 9 through August 27. Call 508-394-7100 to register.

Summer Arts Camp
Summer Arts Day Camps for Kids, ages 8-12
A great series of week-long arts workshops are on tap for the kids of Cape Cod this summer. They provide a great opportunity for youngsters to unleash their creativity, make new friends, and develop some new skills. The camps include:

  • Arts and Crafts with Katie O’Connor, July 7-11
  • Photography with Don Curns, July 14-18
  • Singing, Songwriting, & Musical Discoveries with Rachel Youngling & Alicia Mathewson, July 21-25
  • Jewelry Making with Laura George, July 28-August 1
  • Paper Mache with Brook Foster, August 4-8.

 Sessions run from 9-11:45 each morning, Monday-Friday. Tuition for each week is $125 (there is a 10% discount for each additional week for a participant) and covers all materials and a snack each day. Each week ends with a show for family and friends at 11:15 on Friday. For more information or to register, call 508-394-7100 or email Robin Fryer at info@cultural-center.org.

Gail SpeckmannFrom Photo to Fine Art: Creating Fabulous Compositions that are Uniquely Yours, with Gail Speckmann
3 day workshop, August 19-21, 9:30-4 (Bring Your lunch)
Learn to create dynamic compositions that transform your photographic images into fine art watercolors. Explore techniques to generate movement through your composition, create and enhance an area of interest or contrast, and harmonize support elements.

You will utilize your photography as a springboard for creating dynamic compositions and make your own unique choices within the framework of well-established design guidelines. We begin by going out with our digital cameras or phone cameras to take the best photos possible, shooting from several angles. (Cameras will be provided if you don't have one.) You will learn techniques that allow you to work through your design options in a stream-lined manner, using among other things a projector and/or computer to enhance your creativity. We will also explore using overlays of acetate and/or tracing paper,  Various methods will be employed to intentionally blur the transition between objects or to contrast and dramatize the boundaries between them.  Through doing this, we help direct the viewers' eyes through the painting.

You will learn to:
(1) create a significant pathway through your composition,
(2) enhance the area(s) of greatest interest and contrast,
(3) harmonize supporting elements,
(4) create energy and momentum,
(5) find a sense of balance within the piece,
(6) establish rhythmic elements by using alternation (i.e. light/dark/light/dark, etc),
(7) establish a dominant theme, style, coloration, etc.
(8) pull the elements all together into a finished painting.

Gail is a great believer in befriending the tools and materials that are available to us, instead of thinking that we have to go it all alone.... they also help teach us how to be able to “ride our own bikes without the training wheels.” The more we are able to discover/ “try on” our choices, the greater becomes our own unique artistic expression. Gail taught a very successful and popular watercolor workshop here last year. Don’t miss this opportunity to study with her! $295. To register, call 508-394-7100.

Suzanne Packer Summer 2014
Color and Composition: A 3-Day Painting Workshop with Suzanne Packer

August 26, 27, 28
Still life paintings that have visual movement, paintings that have the viewer's eye move across and around the canvas, this is the focus of the workshop. This three-day workshop will use the still-life set up as the starting point to develop a composition that works within the plane of the canvas. The use of color harmonies, color temperatures, textures and composition will be taught as ways to make the still life painting create visual interest. There will be two still life set-ups, giving the students the chance to concentrate on one painting for the three days or instruction is given to each student during the workshop. The days end with a group critique, a beneficial way to learn by looking at what others are doing. Oil paints and the water-mixable oils are the materials of choice.

$195, $165 for members of the Cultural Center. A $40 yearly individual membership will nearly pay for itself with registration for this workshop. Call 508 394-7100 to register. www.suzannempacker.com

Sumi-e by Roberta Silbret
Sumi-E -- The Breath of the Brush
A Chinese Brush Painting Class with Roberta Silbret
Four Mondays, 10am-noon
September 8, 15, 22, 29
Roberta Silbret, art therapist, has 30 years of experience as an art educator. In this class, students will explore their creativity and achieve tranquility through this light, airy, freeing method of the Chinese brush stroke.Students will learn linear brush style known as Mo Ku, painting bamboo, places, people and things in a serene atmosphere to relaxing music. All materials will be supplied by the instructor. $140 / $120 for members. Call 508-394-7100 to register. Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 307 Old Main St., South Yarmouth. 508-394-7100

Introduction to Color, with Craig Caldwell
Six Tuesdays: September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14. 1-3pm
This class will build on the basic fundamentals of drawing with a focus not only on drawing, gesture, and surface but on the interaction of colors with one another and on creating a new visual language with basic color mixtures. Emphasis will be on creating tones and gradations and color changes as well as mixing colors to create a personal palette with which to become comfortable. Continued emphasis will be on the treatment of edges and tones to create a personal visual language while working on abstract images as well as still lifes, floral studies, and basic landscapes. We will start with dry pastels and work with simple oil mediums to mix colors. Craig CaldwellMaterials list will be provided at sign up or at first class meeting. $150, $125 for members. Call to register.

Fundamentals of Drawing, with Craig Caldwell

Six Tuesdays: September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14. 10am-noon
This class is designed for the beginning drawer who appreciates art and has always wanted to learn to draw as well as for those looking for a refresher course. Instruction will cover the fundamentals of free-hand drawing: line, perspective, composition, understanding light and form, as well as creating illusions of depth, contrast, and texture. Different drawing material, techniques, and methods will be explored. Open to all levels of experience. A list of supplies will be provided. $150, $125 for members. Call to register.

A Two-Day White Line Woodblock Course with Suzanne Packer
September 10 and 17
With PearsWhite line woodblock printing is a print method which does not require a printing press or toxic inks. The prints are cut on a single woodblock. The colors, applied with a brush, are watercolors and a spoon is used to transfer the image onto the paper. This is a unique way to create original images of many colors.

The workshop will give a bit of the history of this print method, then cover all of the steps from the initial drawing, through the cutting of the block, applying the paint and pulling the image. Each student will finish the workshop with a print ready to mat and frame. There will be much individual instruction along with demonstrations by Suzanne. Bring a lunch for the lunch break when there will be the sharing of ideas.

A material list will be sent upon registration.

"Experiments in East Asian Brush Painting/Sumi-e"
An Exploratory Workshop with Edith A. Tonelli, MFA, Ph.D.

Sunday, September 21, 1-4pm
Cape Cod Sumi-eCome play with us! This workshop will be an introduction to East Asian Brush Painting as well as an opportunity for those familiar with this technique to experiment! We will review philosophy, theory, process, and painting basics, as well as offering tips and examples of ways to manipulate these materials to create both traditional and non-traditional images. The "Four Treasures" and "Four Nobles" will be explored. As all who have experimented with Asian forms know, keeping a "beginner's mind" is essential to true expression - so let's begin! Basic materials will be provided by the instructor, but participants are encouraged to bring whatever they would like for experimenting with the process. $65/$50 for members. Workshop limit is 12. Edith A. "Deede" Tonelli, is a Cape Cod artist, art therapist, and museum director who has studied East Asian Brush Painting in China, and this year is exhibiting in the Annual National Exhibition of the Sumi-e Society of America in Washington, D.C. She also will have a concurrent exhibition in the Board Room at the Cultural Center, and will use some of her own work as examples. Visit TonelliArts.com.

Suzanne PackerColor and Composition with Suzanne M. Packer
Six Wednesdays, October 22 - November 26
Create paintings that have visual movement, paintings that have the viewer's eye move across and around the canvas, this is the focus of the class. Learn to develop a composition that works within the plane of the canvas. Learn to use color harmonies, color temperatures, textures and composition to create visual interest.  All skill levels are acceptable as there will be much individual instruction and tutoring along with group discussions and critiques. $180/$150 for members of the Cultural Center. (Note: a $40 yearly individual membership will nearly pay for itself with registration for this class.) Call 508-394-7100 to register.