In keeping with its guiding principals and practices, the Cultural Center invites submissions  from  both emerging and established artists and from those with special needs and challenges.

With the exception of its Annual Members’ Exhibition in January, the exhibits it hosts are open to all.

The Center typically issues three or four calls for art submissions each year (though it hosts approximately 80 other exhibits through rentals and invitationals). Open calls are  usually based on a theme of wide appeal. Most are juried by the directors. Submission fees, which help to defray expenses, are very reasonable. In some cases, they are waived.


Photography Competition

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod invites photographers worldwide to submit images to our online competition, ABSTRACTIONS. Deadline is Friday, April 7, 2017 at 11:59pm (MST)
All winners will be displayed in our online gallery at First Place $500, Second Place $200, Third Place $100. The Cultural Center directors will jury. For a full prospectus, click here.

Entry for ABSTRACTIONS is done through Cafe, a web-based service that allows artists to upload images and organize their artwork for submissions to galleries. To apply, you must leave our website and to to the Cafe website at where you can create a FREE artist account. You will add your details and upload your images to Cafe and then you can submit your work to ABSTRACTIONS.

Please visit our online gallery  to view our previous call to photographers, APERTURES and SET IN MOTION.


Uplifting Art 2017

The Cultural Center invites artists of all media to submit images for our elevator door competition, UPLIFTING ART 2017. Three images will be selected, one for each elevator door in the Cultural Center’s Education Wing. The images, provided as high resolution digital files, will be reproduced on material to be affixed to the elevator doors for one year. The Cultural Center directors will jury. Each artist will receive a $250 stipend and acknowledgement with contact information at the site of the installation. For a full prospectus, click here.

Entry for UPLIFTING ART 2017 is done through Cafe, a web-based service that allows artists to upload images and organize their artwork for submissions to galleries. To apply, you must leave our website and to to the Cafe website at where you can create a FREE artist account. You will add your details and upload your images to Cafe and then you can submit your work to UPLIFTING ART 2017.


Bass River Press Poetry Competition
In its second annual poetry collection competition, the Cultural Center’s Bass River Press engaged judge Elizabeth Bradfield who selected Dear Piercing, Headlong Rock (working title) by Hyannis poet Rose Auslander from a diverse field of collections submitted by Cape and Islands poets. Auslander’s collection will go into production this winter, with an expected release of April, 2017. The cover will feature a work of art inspired by Auslander’s poetry and selected by Auslander herself.

The cover art competition is now closed.

We will post the winning image shortly.



Poetry Competition
The Center hosts an annual National and Regional Poetry Competition. Deadline is June 20. Guidelines will be posted shortly. See 2016 winners, below.

The Cultural Center would like to thank all who submitted work to the 2016 National and Regional Poetry Competition. There were many excellent poems from which our committee of eight readers could choose only two:

2016 National Winner of the Cultural Center poetry Competition is Angela Patten, of Burlington, Vermont, for Tracks.
2016 Regional Winner is Carole A. Stasiowski of Cotuit, Massachusetts, for Why the Cat Has Not Died.

J. Lorraine Brown of Mashpee, Massachusetts, for Alone on Sage Lot Pond
Michele Herman of New York, New York, for The Human Condition at the CVS
Heidi Seaborn of Seattle, Washington, for Hypothermia Survival Guide
John Surowiecki of Amston, Connecticut, for Little Pink Man

National winner Angela Patten is the author of three poetry collections, In Praise of Usefulness (Wind Ridge Books), Reliquaries and Still Listening (both from Salmon Poetry, Ireland), and a prose memoir, High Tea at a Low Table (Wind Ridge Books). Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Patten now lives in Burlington, Vermont, where she teaches literature and creative writing at the University of Vermont.

By Angela Patten

After surgery the stitch-marks look
like bird-feet walking up my arm.
But what strange bird has left
its bone-white prints embedded
in my wrist like needle-tracks?
Perhaps it was the raven,
that faux-sorrowful funeral director
walking beak-forward, gloved hands
folded behind his back, who walks the
twin trajectories of a railway line
that leads to a long-defunct station
where I might meet myself returning
from the beach with two scabbed knees
embossed inoculations against disease
the weals of ancient injuries like medals
from the battlefields of childhood
and my mother’s crowsfeet
inching toward my eyes.


Regional winner Carole A. Stasiowski’s poems have been published in Cider Press Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Zone 3, Northeast Magazine, and other publications. The former poetry editor for The Connecticut Writer, she was a featured reader at Sunken Garden Poetry Festival. Now a resident of Cape Cod, she splits her time between directing marketing for a rehabilitation hospital and writing poetry.

Why the Cat Has Not Died

By Carole A. Stasiowski


The dog came second.

The man came after him.

Then the baby came.

With each one I noticed you less and less.

Some people can love only one at a time.


You were like the eldest daughter

who recedes  into a secret

life while the household expands to chaos.

If human, you would have swept floor, paid bills.

You outlasted friends, three jobs.


True, I have neglected your spiritual life,

you easy keeper.


Not like the son, his tantrums,

growth spurts, toddler-paraphrenalia

tripping everyone up,

his accomplishments monuments

rising from my bones.


Not like the dog,

his big-pawed clamor for love,

all ninety pounds plunked down on my feet,

fistfuls of fur, clownish big heart.


Certainly not like the man,

the always revised compromise between other and self,

the complicated love now weak, now strong.


You are none of these, a common barn cat:

nose-nuzzler, prowler, sideways pouncer,

my nipper, my priestess of fish and birds and all downwinds,

hairmat for chair backs, my pleasure throat,

my black sack of spells, my boodmoon


howler, my rattle, my singular obsidian crone.

Your impenitent claws knead me,

waiting until I find you

once more.


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