2022 Members' Exhibition

The exhibition will be presented in the Great Hall, Blue Room, Saben Board Room, and Vault Galleries from Jan 11 - Feb 5.

The Cultural Center will host an opening reception on Fri, Jan  14, from 5-7 pm.

Every year The Center showcases a multitude of works from a variety of mediums and skill levels. Whether you are just beginning to embark on your artistic journey or have years of experience in the arts, please join us in celebrating our members’ creativity. In this exhibit artists from across Cape Cod come together, united in their support for one another in this dynamic show that embodies the passions and efforts associated with the act of creation.

Congratulations to our participating member artists!

Ellen Adamson

Christine Anderson

Linda Beach

Alexandria Boudreau

Rick Branscomb

Bonnie Brewer

Jeanne Bridges

Gail Burke

Christa Edlund

Jesse Ensling

Christine Fitzsimmons

Carol Flax

Elinor Freedman

Alice Galick

Donald Gauland

Marcie Gauntlett

Terry Goulart

Ann Guiliani

Ruth Hauzinger

Kenneth Hawkey

Anne Hitch

Marieluise Hutchinson

EunKyung Jeong

Lauren Kalita

Susan Kilmartin

Jakki Kouffman

Jill Law

Rory Marcus

Dawn Mckenzie

Susan Mclean

Sharon Merton

Wayne Miller

Nancy Minnigerode

Anne Morse

Barbara Moss

Nate Olin

Susan Overstreet

Debbie Owen

Suzanne Packer

John Parke

Joanne Patukonis

Laurinda Phakos O'Connor

Jay Phyfer

Sally Raymond

Peggy Richard

Carl Richard

Donna Richardson

Karen R. Ryder

Ronald Saunders

John Scherer

Christina Straight

Elaine Tata

Lynn Travers

Gary Urgonski

Bernadette Waystack

Laurel Wilson

Karol Wyckoff

Mary Jane Xenakis

Annellen Zalis

Judy Zehentner