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Alex Holmes Memorial Scholarship - Awarding Fall 2024

This one-thousand five hundred dollar ($1,500.00) scholarship is open to high school students who intend to continue their music education post-high school and for high school graduates preparing for their first year of university-level education in a degree in music.

Applications for these funds will be taken until the application deadline August 15th, announcement of award recipient projected during the week of Sept 15th. Funds can be used for music-related expenses that advance or facilitate furthering the applicant's educational development.

Some examples include, but are not limited to offsetting the cost of college or university applications when applying for music-related degrees, offsetting the cost of college or university applications when applying for music-related degrees, offsetting the cost of school or private instruction, purchasing a new instrument, repairing an instrument, purchasing music production software (Sibelius, Finale, DAWs), etc.

For more information about the Cultural Center of Cape Cod and its scholarship programs please contact: Adam Berndt, Director of Music, adamb@cultural-center. org.


* Please attach a statement indicating the importance of these funds to your artistic goals including how the funds will be used.

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Incomplete applications may not be considered.

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod reserves the right to make any decisions regarding the administration of this award including the right to make no award.


Previous Scholarship Recipients 

  • Development of the Alexander Holmes Recording Studio at the Cultural Center

  • Maurice Soque, Berklee College of Music in Boston

  • thezyg808, Goddard College

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This scholarship is made possible by the Alexander D. Holmes Memorial Fund

"The Alexander D. Holmes Memorial Fund is in loving memory of the musician whose endless imagination continues to inspire us.  Alex Holmes was a talented guitarist, brother, cousin, nephew, and friend.  Alex forged his own path in life and in music.  With this fund we aim to honor Alex's wishes, his life's work, and his memory - and to spread his inspiration and positive impact further beyond those who were fortunate enough to know and love him."

- Melissa Hatton, cousin of Alex Holmes

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