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Beyond Blueprints:

Architecture as Art

Perspective 2

An exhibition by Madison Vlcej

June 4–29, 2024

Opening Reception:

Thursday, June 6, 5–7pm

We invite you to immerse yourself in design and creativity, showcasing breathtaking architectural drawings that capture the essence of both modern marvels and timeless classics. From the intricate details of historical landmarks to classic Cape designs, each piece tells a story of innovation, inspiration, and the boundless imagination of the human spirit.


Whether you're an aficionado of fine art or simply appreciate the beauty of architectural wonders, this exhibition promises to enchant and inspire all who behold it. Join us as we celebrate the intersection of art and architecture, where every piece is a testament to the enduring power of human ingenuity and the beauty of creativity.


Madison Vlcej, 2023 recipient of the Cecelia Siemen Scholarship for the Visual Arts, has recently graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston. Her work varies in style and medium, as she enjoys creating realistic pen and ink drawings as well as paintings - either abstract or realistic - in oil and acrylic.

Beyond Blueprints: Architecture as Art showcases her love for traveling through architectural sketches. In the future, she hopes to travel across the world to study and sketch the built environment. 

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