Black and white photography can give a certain striking quality that you just don’t get through full color, it can open our imagination in a whole new way. It challenges our range of perception where we contemplate form and light in a different way than color ever could. We all could use a little black and white in our lives. 

Henderson Christ and the Maja Oakland California

First Place
Christ and the Maja,
Oakland California

Arnold Clayton Henderson
El Cerrito, CA

Anukulpun Brush Stroke Building

Brush Stroke Building
Yanika Anukulpun
New York, NY

Neville Dark Man

Second Place
Dark Man
Camille Neville
Duxbury, MA

Barton Cape Romano
Bullard Che, Havana, 2018

Third Place
Ché, Havana, 2018
William Bullard
New York, NY

Zukor The Path Yet Taken

The Path Yet Taken
Leslie Zukor
Mercer Island, WA

Hannah Coastal Fog

Coastal Fog
Mark Hannah
Sunnyvale, CA

Allen The Head

The Head
Jim Allen
Millbrook, NY

Slater Townhouse

Stephen Slater
Armonk, NY

Hessel Outside My Door

Outside My Door
Tom Hessel
Minnetonka, MN

Muller The Radiator People

The Radiator People
Pavel Muller
Toronto, Canada

Lacey Lily Pure

Lily Pure
Debra Lacey
San Pedro, CA

Lohr The English Teacher

The English Teacher
Joni Lohr
Jamica Plain, MA

Bond Chena Gas

Chena Gas
Baxter Bond
Fairbanks, AK

Schmidt, Jeffrey Forgiveness

Jeffrey Schmidt
Saint Petersburg, FL

Finley Just Pick One!

Just Pick One!
Theresa Finley
Westminster, CO

Truesdell Tether

Cherie Truesdell
Marietta, GA

Sullivan Cafe de Bac

Cafe de Bac
Lyn Sullivan
Houston, TX

Likhterman The Goat

The Goat
Dan Likhterman
Marblehead, MA

Cape Romano
Suzanne Barton
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hubbard Humans in the Mist 001

Humans in the Mist 001
Craig Hubbard
Playa del Rey, CA

Mahaney Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask
Sheila Mahaney
Anchorage, AK

Hansen Captured in the Spotlight

Captured in the Spotlight
Ellen Hansen
Taunton, MA

Messersmith Tess at the Wedding

Tess at the Wedding
Trevor Messersmith
Marlboro, NY

McLoud For the Birds

For the Birds
Pablo McLoud
Honokaa, HI

Dangremond Snow Covered Walkway

Snow Covered Walkway
Darcy Dangremond
Hudson, OH

Hurd Suspended Swimmer

Suspended Swimmer
Jerrie Hurd
Boulder, CO

Cardello Delicate Defiance

Delicate Defiance
Laura Cardello
Norwell, MA

Piessens Cactus

Anne Piessens
Concord, MA

Kunsman July 4th-Palmyra, NY

July 4th, 2014-Palmyra, NY
Eric Kunsman
Rocherster, NY

Jacobson Mushroom

Don Jacobson
Portland, OR

Straton Uclulet Moonrise

Uclulet Moonrise
Jack Straton
Portland, OR

Bell Neskowin Bay

Neskowin Bay
Jan Bell
Bowling Green, OH

Absher Raven

Kip Absher
Anchorage, AK

Sharp Hanging Out

Hanging Out
Rick Sharp
Sagamore Beach, MA

Maurin Vortograph #5

Vortograph #5
Alyssa Maurin
Dayton, NJ

Finamore Blind

Rudolph Finamore
Lexington, KY

Merritt Garden Wall

Garden Wall
Grace Merritt
Marlborough, MA

VanDewerker Night Bloom

Night Bloom
John VanDewerker
Ventura, CA

Schmidt, Deborah Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten
Deborah Schmidt
Holden, ME

Dorin Dahlia 4

Dahlia 4
Melvin Dorin
Cambria, CA

Higgins Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl
Susan Higgins
Hudson, NY

Martins Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye
Shaun Martins
Cranston, RI

Avitable Floating Rocks

Floating Rocks
Ray Avitable
Bourne, MA

Cluthe Snowfall

Snow Fall
Benedict Cluthe
Brewster, MA