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Image: Julia Cumes


Image: Julia Cumes

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Hide and Seek by Sung Ji Lee


Created by Jessie Nickerson

"Cape Cod: Outside In, Upside Down"

Discover this multi-disciplinary arts exhibition where the Cultural Center's Great Hall is

transformed into an indoor lawn with larger than life art installations. 


The exhibition will be presented in the Great Hall, Vault and Blue Galleries from  July 23–September 17, 2022.

Tickets are $10 for adults and children under 16 are FREE! No need to purchase in advance, get your tickets at the door.

Warm weather, live music, trips to the ice cream shop, long evenings, cookouts, giggling children, and toes in the grass are some highlights of a well-spent summer. From July 23 to September 17, the Cultural Center brings those highlights INSIDE our building with our new exhibition Cape Cod: Outside In, Upside Down. So get ready for summer activities without needing bug spray and sunscreen!


The exhibition will turn summer on its artistic head as we transform the Great Hall into an indoor lawn, and the entire collection will hang from the gallery's ceiling. We invite you to enjoy the work by walking across the lawn, relaxing on Adirondack chairs created by local artists and makers, or laying on a giant beach towel! This exhibition is all about fun and family.


“For our 2022 exhibition, I wanted to create something that would connect to the heart of our family audience and community. Expanding our audience here at the Cultural Center is crucial for long-term sustainability, and we wanted to bring the Cape something surprising, artistic, and experiential,” explains Executive Director Molly Demeulenaere.


Cape Cod: Outside In, Upside Down is not only focused on the art of summer but also the human connections. The exhibition will also include a giant "sundae" playroom and Lego® build room to engage families and friends. Of course, what would summer be without live music? From the sounds of James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles, there will be something for everyone at the Cultural Center this summer!


See you at the Center!


The Cultural Center Team

It takes a village and we are grateful to each artist, creator, volunteer, and sponsor for bringing this exhibition to life.

Creative Chairs

Ellen Adamson

Evans Arnold

Sandra Arnone

Mary Cauley

John Cira

Molly Demeulenaere

Diane Giardi

Ric Haynes

Sarah Holl

Lauren Kalita

Christine Martel

Jessie Nickerson

Nate Olin

Susan Overstreet

Suzanne M. Packer

Sue Siegel

Nancy Walsh

Bernadette Waystack

Moss Creek Weaving Studio

     Sandra Arnone

     Louis Faucher

     Ellen Germann

     Sandee Loew

     Jan Walsh

     Vicki Whitaker


Cassady Churchill

Lenore Lyons


John K. and Thirza F.

Davenport Foundation

GD Logo clear.jpg

Jim and Tammy Saben

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We thank our artists for their creativity and trust as we curate the exhibition entirely from the ceiling. Thanks for "hanging in there" with us!

Selected Artists

Daji Adami

Hilary Houston Bachelder

Malena Belafonte

James Byrne

Barbara Canney

Dave Caolo

Rita Colantonio

Charles Crabb

Dina Doyle

Christa Edlund

Susan Fehlinger

Anne Foley

Barry Goldstein

Frank Hoeffler

Carrie L Howder

Jennifer Hughes

Danielle I Warren

Ellen Joffe-Halpern

Haley Johnson

Michael Kolitsky

Elisabeth Ladwig

Barbara Williams Larned

Jill Law

Sung Ji Lee

Courtney Lynch

John Magnan

Erin Mahoney

Dave Manousos

Claire Marcus

Michele Morgan

Anne Morse

Susan Overstreet

Linnea Pergola

Arlette Stella Poland

Julia Purdy

Linda Rogers

Gigi Salij

C.A. Stigliano

O Yemi Tubi

Aphrodite Vairaktaris

Bernadette Waystack


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