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“Dreaming in Nature” a collection of works from artists, arts educators, and mentors

Anne Hitch, Christine Martell, and Jessie Nickerson


The exhibition will be presented in the Education Wing Creative Arts Space Gallery, from January 10-February 4.

Anne Leason Hitch, MA, ATR, LMHC

Artist Statement
Through my work as an art therapist, I bear witness to the healing power of art. I experience the same gratification with my own painting. I come from a family of artists, and I feel connected to their legacies as I paint. I am interested in creating realistic portrayals of nature and my surroundings. Working with oils, pastels, or acrylics, I strive to capture my subjects' beauty, color, and light. My mother's appreciation for the inherent beauty of nature and the small, overlooked moments inspires my work. Steeped in the traditions of nineteenth-century landscapes, my bucolic scenes elevate awareness and appreciation of quiet moments. There is a tranquility to the atmosphere I create with my work that's befitting of the pastoralism I'm most drawn to. My paintings are a captured moment in time and a study of the essence of the person, place, or object I am depicting. 

Anne is a Cape Cod artist from a long lineage of artists. She is the granddaughter of Australia's renowned artist, Percy Leason, and daughter of Jean Leason Hitch and Robert Hitchwho, both well-known Cape Cod artists. Anne graduated from Pratt-Phoenix School of Design, NYC, with a certificate in Magazine and Book Illustration, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Education from Marymount Manhattan College, NYC, and a Master of Arts in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley College Graduate School, Cambridge, MA. Anne has been represented throughout the Cape at local galleries. As a fine artist, she works in oils and pastels in a realistic style and is inspired by nature and the Cape Cod landscape. In addition to being an Expressive Art Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she is a member of the American Art Therapy Association and the New England Art Therapy Association. She works with adults with disabilities at Community Connections, Inc., Cape Cod.

Christine Martell
Artist Statement

This work combines my favorite things: nature, photography, printmaking, and textiles. Bringing nature into our homes or wearing a celebration of its beauty offers the possibility of deepening our collective commitment to protecting and preserving what is around us. The natural world offers me continuous inspiration and solace. 

Christine Martell is a fiber and teaching artist. After living in Oregon for several decades, she returned to Cape Cod during the pandemic to help her parents age in place. Her passion is for helping others unleash their creative potential through teaching and community arts. She has a BFA in Textiles from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MS in Education from Portland State University.

Jesse Nickerson
Artist Statement

The spark of a narrative is what feeds my need to make images, and it can come from a multitude of places. Fairy tales, novels, old photographs, pictures in magazines, a forgotten object, a run-down building, a backyard garden, or a walk on the beach; are just some of the places where I draw my inspiration. Sometimes I set out to tell a specific story, while other times, characters emerge from the blank paper, challenging me to solve the mystery of their story. Often my characters lead me to places that I never quite expected, taking on a direction of their own. 

Jessie Nickerson's love of art began at age 4 when she decided to embellish her family's walls with crayon "murals" and has been a life-long pursuit ever since. She received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2000 and went on to Parsons School of Design to earn her MFA in 2003. She has studied at the Museum School in Boston and the Rietveld School of Art & Design and Rietveld Academy. Fairy tales, elements of nature, and daydreams inspire Nickerson's illustrations and surreal images. She exhibits her work throughout the Cape, the South Coast, and the Greater Boston area. She resides on Cape Cod, where the sea continues to inspire her.

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