Every year the Cultural Center showcases a multitude of works from a variety of mediums and skill levels. Whether artists are just beginning to embark on their artistic journey or have years of experience in the arts, the Members Exhibition is intended to celebrate the diverse array of artistic paths that intersect at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. 

Please join us in celebrating our members’ creativity. In this exhibit, 84 pieces of artwork from 56 members from across the Cape unite in their support for one another in this dynamic show that embodies the passions and efforts associated with the act of creation.

Exhibition in all historic galleries from Wednesday, January 6, through Saturday, January 30, 2021.

Congratulations to all of our participating artists!

Christine Anderson, Mixed medium

Claudia K. Borden, Oil

Alexandria Boudreau, Watercolor

Bonnie Brewer, Oil

Karen Buchanan, Bloodwood cane reed

Clarke Buchanan, Cherry, linseed oil and beeswax

Gail M. Burke, Multi media collage

Lyn Coffey, Oil

Carolyn Duch, Photography

Colleen Duffy, Watercolor

Christa Edlund, Assemblage

Carol Flax, Cut reclaimed paper

Elaine M. Gardner, Oil

Donald Gauland, Acrylic, and ink

Janet Gauland, Wood

Marcie Gauntlett, Photography

Elaine Giberti, Acrylic

Terry Goulart, Acrylic

Anne  Hitch, Oil

Marilyn Jenney, Soft Clay

Lauren Kalita, Assemblage

Jakki Kouffan, Pastel

Marjory Kuhfahl, Oil on canvas

Lenore Lyons, Encaustic, rubbings, collage and beeswax

Mary Lou Mack, Watercolor

Dick McGarr, Pen and watercolor

D.D. McGarry, Acrylic on canvas

Margaret McGarry, Mixed Media

Joan McKenzie, Acrylic

Susan O'Brien McLean, Oil

Alison Melavalin, Acrylic

Sharon Merton, Acrylic

Robert Mesrop, Watercolor

Nancy Minnigerode, Monotype with pastel

Anne  Morse, Acrylic

Rosalie Nadeau, Pastel

Suzanne Nelson, Pastel

Christine Niles, Oil on canvas

Ken Northrup, Oil

Susan Overstreet, Oil

Suzanne M. Packer, Oil on canvas

Avis Strong Parke, Watercolor

Stephen Patzman, Apple and Katalox

Jay Phyfer, Photography

Carlos Ponce, Acrylic

Sallie Raymond, Acrylic

Georgene Riedl, Mixed Medium, Paper

Vittoria Sault, Mixed Media

Laurie Triba, Pastel

Gary Urgonski, Driftwood, aluminum, glass

Bernadette C. Waystack, Oil

Karen North Wells, Oil

Laurel Wilson, Watercolor

Genevieve Vileniskis Wright, Acrylic/Mixed media on paper

Karol B. Wyckoff, Watercolor

Judy Zehentner, Digitally altered photograph

All are welcome, and CDC protocols are in place, including mask wearing and social distancing. By participating in any activity at the Cultural Center you acknowledge that you may risk exposure to COVID-19 and will hold the Culture Center free from any liability as a result of attending an activity. The Center highlights several protocols to ensure guest and staff health and safety, including modified hours, new visitor guidelines, and monitored attendance in galleries.

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