"Finding the Figure" is an exhibition featuring 29 of the artists who have regularly occupied the Schulenburg Studio in Eastham over the past 14 years to hone their skills at drawing and painting (and occasionally sculpting), working from a live model under the leadership of Paul Schulenburg.

“There is a special energy to be found when working with a live model,” Paul says, “particularly while working alongside other artists. We get to know our models on a personal level and they become more than figures: they are individuals and stories to share. Working side-by-side with other artists, we develop strong bonds of friendship and community as we share ideas and techniques and personal stories.”


Before COVID, a typical studio session included 18 artists plus the model. But then everything changed, forcing the group to meet over Zoom from around the Cape … and around the world … with up to 40 participants logging on from Hawaii, Canada, the UK, and elsewhere, and models posing in their own homes. “Since August, 2020,” Paul explains, “we have met with five or six artists at Schulenburg Studio plus one model, and an average of 30-40 people on Zoom. With four or five camera angles on the model, artists at home have a choice of vantage points from which to work. And everyone is still able to chat and catch up with friends.” To make it safer and more comfortable for those who joined in person, Paul expanded his studio space and did everything possible to provide a place where creativity and companionship could continue unabated. “Our pursuit of figurative art is not just about depicting the model, but it's about connecting with our models and connecting with each other as we create our art. A very fulfilling human experience, unlike painting in isolation. Finding the figure is also about finding friends.”


The artists participating in “Finding the Figure” work in oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil, charcoal. They are Shawn Dahlstrom, Rik Ecker, Maryalice Eizenberg, Desiree Filkins, Taylor Fox, Martha Fuentes, Sandra Ginnis, Jerome Green, Lila Seveda Grilli, Jack Haran, Catherine Hess, Ken Higgins, Steve Kennedy, Bob LaPointe, Terry Lindholm, Joan Lockhart, Peg LoPresto, Rebecca Lussier, Irene McGrath, Rosalie Nadeau, Karl Nestelberger, Sandy O’Brien, Susan Overstreet, Andrea Petitto, Carol Petretti, Paul Schulenburg, Snefrid Sneve-Schultz, Dale Michaels Wade, Robin Wessman.

Exhibition in Constantinidis Great Hall and Saben Board Room galleries from Wednesday, March 3 - March 27, 2021.

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