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Patty Barnes.jpeg


Painting and drawing

Patty is an award-winning painter who studied drawing, watercolor and oil painting at Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY, graduating with a BFA in Art History. Barnes earned her Masters at The University of Wisconsin. She specializes in capturing the light of Cape Cod, often with a bit of whimsy and is a juried member of The American Impressionist Society. Patty lives on Cape Cod with her husband and two spoiled dogs. 

Paula Alvary.jpeg



Paula is a practicing potter who splits her time between Cape Cod and Newton, MA. Her background includes years of helping children take pride in creating works of art through clay. Her goal in working with this age group is to enable each student to develop and relish their own style, expressed through new skills that let them delight in their own personal progress as makers. 

Mark Chester.jpeg



Mark has been a professional photographer since 1972 and has his work in a number of permanent collections. His photographs accompany his own travel articles as published by the L.A. Times, Boston Globe, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, and Christian Science Monitor, among other newspapers and special interest magazines.

Betsy Payne Cook (2).jpg



Painting and drawing

Betsy  paints exclusively with pastels and is honored to be a juried artist member of the Pastel Society of America. Her art has been exhibited in many competitive regional and national juried exhibitions and has won numerous awards. She records her thoughts and experiences as an artist in her newsletter and blog “Painting In and Out” sharing snippets of her life in the studio and painting outdoors.

CroninMaryE.authorphoto2 copy.jpg



Mary lives in Harwich but spent her early years in the Bronx, NY, where she fell in love with reading, writing, and libraries. Her poetry for children has appeared in numerous anthologies for young readers. A dedicated 5 a.m. writer, Mary is an elementary school Literacy Coach in the Dennis-Yarmouth School District. 

Amy Bourbon.webp



Amy attended The Massachusetts College of Art and Design then moved back to Cape Cod to open a retail shop with her sister. There they sold their artwork, including Amy’s pottery, and pen and ink drawings. After making the decision to close their store, Amy continued to work in her home studio. Her inspiration for her work comes from the colors, forms, and textures of the woods and ocean.

Carrie Fradken, Mosaics copy.png



Carrie has been creating and teaching mosaics for over ten years and her work is represented in public, private and corporate collections. She is a graphic designer, artist, and former K-12 Art teacher. Along with mosaics, she paints with pastels and encaustics, and teaches mosaic and color theory. She is passionate about color. 

Goren_Lisa_jpg copy.jpg



When Lisa took her to Antarctica  she was captivated by the landscape. Later travels to Iceland, Alaska, increased her love for the Polar Regions. By using vibrant colors and taking risks with different surfaces, her works create questions about the nature of abstraction and our planet as many of her pieces are representations of unfamiliar, threatened terrains. 

Priscilla Husband.jpeg



My local landscape gardening business has introduced me to all aspects of gardening. Installing and maintaining gardens throughout the years has been my teacher. Finding a balance between our desired gardens and successful gardens is the result. Every day I learn and share with my clients and friends. My family has lived on the Cape for over 60 years. My daughter grew up in Dennis and my parents are buried across the street in the South Dennis "Sea Captains" Cemetery. 

Anne Hitch.jpeg


Rise & Shine Program

Anne is a Cape Cod artist who comes from a long lineage of artists.  Anne graduated from Pratt-Phoenix School of Design, NYC, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Education and a Master of Arts in Expressive Art Therapy. As a fine artist, she works in oils and pastels, in a realistic style and is inspired by  nature and the Cape Cod landscape.

T. Noone.JPG



Traci is a practicing artist, educator and resident of Cape Cod for over twenty years.  While her educational background is in photography, she has spent almost two decades learning and making with clay through workshops, classes, and with other potters.  Traci has made pots with children of all ages for the past twelve years.  She exhibits and sells locally and has been the recipient of local cultural council grants.

StephanieKing Artist copy.jpg


Mixed media

Stephanie is an abstract mixed media artist who resides in Sandwich, MA.  Her greatest passion is to preserve nature by showcasing its beauty through her art. The mission of her work is to create visual art that fosters an emotional response, connecting people to the environment and ultimately motivating people to care more about protecting the land and oceans.

Nancy Lord.jpg


Reiki Master 

​​Nancy is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher, as well as an Ordained minister from The Sanctuary of the Beloved in New York. She began her spiritual journey at the age of 23, and over the course of 3 decades has explored various facets of multiple religions and spiritual organizations. Nancy is active leading meditations, practicing Reiki, and acting as a spiritual advisor for others on the journey of self-exploration.

Sarah Kahn.jpeg



Sarah has studied and taught art for over thirty years. She received an MSW, from NYU, in 1984, after graduating from Bennington College, in applied art and early childhood studies. The freedom to access and become familiar with an assortment of art supplies offers students the freedom to explore, play, and find comfort without rigidity.

Susan Overstreet.jpeg


Painting and drawing

Susan’s creative process of weaving vibrant colors with a technique of palette knife and brushwork captures a visual tapestry between abstract imagery and representation. Overstreet’s bold expressive style is driven by unique natural elements found on Cape Cod that offer an evolving kaleidoscope of color. “I work quickly. Capturing the subject extemporaneously is vital to breathing life into it visually.”




Nicole is an author, reflective storyteller, teacher, and founder of Rose Ray Healing Arts. She began her teaching career as a Montessori educator and whether it’s through memoir, workshops, or on essays on her blog, Nicole’s vulnerable storytelling cultivates compassion and understanding, opening a door where acceptance and empathy expand. 

Deirdre Sullivan.JPG



Deirdre happily serves as a Counselor and Advocate for victims and survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault at the Independence House in the Orleans office. "Anti-oppression work, the creative and expressive arts, mindfulness, nature connection, and play are central in my life’s work in building healthy community and with people of all ages."

Elaine Tata.jpeg



Elaine studied fine art and taught art in the Windsor, Connecticut public school system for ten years. During her summers, she returned to Provincetown and took up residency in the “Studio Barn." She focuses on capturing the atmospheric energy and everchanging light of Cape Cod, creating abstract landscapes, playing with the subtilties of value, color, chroma, temperature, and textures.

Kirsten West.jpg



Kirsten grew up on the island of Fyn, where farming, fishing, "hygge," and knitting is still a way of life. Kirsten learned to knit at an early age from her mother Marie, who was an expert knitter, sewer, embroiderer, and bobbin lace maker.. Now living in Cape Cod, Kirsten is making her knowledge, skills, patterns, and products available once again.

Joan Zagrobelny.jpeg



Originally trained as a speech pathologist, Joan Zagrobelny has transferred her creative energy into working with clay, studying with numerous renowned ceramic artists. Joan lives and works in Sandwich, MA. She has exhibited her work internationally at CRETA-Rome Gallery in Italy and at galleries in New York and Boston. Her sculptures have regularly appeared  in juried shows across the U.S.

Kristen Ranney.jpeg



Kristin  is a national award winning watercolor artist living on Cape Cod. She was introduced to painting with watercolors after her step-mother took her to a workshop in 1992. Kristin discovered her passion for the medium and has continued working and growing her artistic style.

Lucille Burt _edited.jpg



Lucile is a retired high school and creative writing teacher who lives in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. The Cone of Uncertainty, her latest poetry collection was published in 2018 by Kelsey Books.  Lucile states that the work of writing poetry, with its careful attention to sound and rhythm, is a kind of meditation that helps her see connections that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Dave Arnone - Instructor.jpg.png

Dave spent most of his career as a School Administrator and educational leadership consultant. While turning has been a hobby most of his life, retirement has allowed him the opportunity to begin focusing on developing his wood turning knowledge and skills. He enjoys the cognitive and technical aspects of turning and developing learning materials and opportunities to help others discover the joy of turning.







Born in New York, Joe almost immediately started gaining kitchen experience thanks to his mother and Aunt Dorothy. After graduation and the Culinary Institute of America, Joe became Chef/Owner of Café du Bec Fin in Old Greenwich, CT. Several years ago, Joseph, opened a boutique wine shop in Westchester County and has shared his knowledge of wine and food pairings hosting numerous wine tastings, dinners, and various other events.




Pete is a mindfulness coach, who has taught more than 250 mindfulness mediation sessions during the last three years. He is the founder and executive director of The Awareness Project, Inc., seeking to promote and de-mystify the practice of mindfulness by collaborating with artists to demonstrate awareness practices through innovative exploration and performances.

Lynne DiPirro.jpg


Physical Therapy

Lynne is a Cape Cod native and has been practicing physical therapy since she graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2019. She is trained in therapeutic dry needling and general orthopedic care, and has a passion for helping older adults stay active through strength training and guidance.

Patrick Boufford copy.jpeg



As a resident of the Cape since his early childhood, Patrick's love for the coast and nature can be seen throughout his body of artwork.  Patrick works in a variety of mediums, but after many years finds he is most drawn to fine point illustration.   From the whimsical to the technical, Patrick likes to blend nature with imagination and add his own twist. 

Jesse Ensling.jpg



Working in stone in Pietrasanta, Italy, through Columbia University’s Teacher’s College was very inspirational for Jesse. He went on to work in stone at the New School with Phillip Pavia and Barbara Segal, great sculptors who have given him the knowledge and encouragement to really grow in this medium. “They have shaped my appreciation for stone carving and its texture, strength and density.”



Pottery and Tai Chi

Holly began her journey with clay as an apprentice at Brewster Pottery. After her education, eventually the ocean beckoned and she returned home to Barnstable Village where she established her studio, Bay Scallop Pottery. Working on the potter's wheel and with hand building techniques, Holly makes contemporary functional ware, inspired by life near the seashore.

Sarah Holl.jpg


Painting and drawing

Sarah’s career as an artist is characterized by versatility, imagination, and innovative legacy. As a career artist, she has worked both in clay and paint for most of her life. Sarah’s days revolve around making art and community involvement within the arts.

Ana Johnson-Moore.jpg


Painting and drawing

Ana  is a passionate visual artist hailing originally from Bucharest. Her artistic journey led her to explore diverse mediums, with watercolor becoming her true passion. Inspired by dreams, travels, and the stunning landscapes of Cape Cod, Ana's artwork showcases vibrant colors and striking contrasts, offering a glimpse into her authentic self. Ana invites aspiring artists to join her in exploring the transformative power of watercolor and embracing their own artistic journeys.

Kathleen Kendall copy.jpeg



Kathleen  is a former K-12 art teacher living and working in Orleans and Hyannis.  Her work is often a combination of 2-D painting and 3-D sculpture, with mixed media added, and her influences stem from Roman / Greek terra cotta and Mexican folk art. She is interested in the combination of painting, ceramics and found objects and how it opens countless opportunities of expression in contemporary ways.

Sue at Wampanoag Gathering_October 2021 copy.jpg


Movement and Drumming

Sue is a licensed, independent, clinical social worker who has worked in a variety of settings including schools, residential programs, mental health clinics, private practice) for over 30 years.  She is also a licensed Nia Black Belt Instructor.  Nia is a movement technique that combines 9 different movement disciplines into a mind, body, and spirit workout that anybody can enjoy.

Christine Martell copy.jpg


Fibers /

Rise & Shine Program

Christine has been teaching in schools and the community in Oregon for over 20 years and she recently returned to the Cape to help her parents age in place. Her specialties include helping people recognize their creative strengths and find ways to make art every day. Working in a wide variety of media, she draws on her BFA in textiles from Rhode Island School of Design and her MS in Education from Portland State University. 



Painting /

Rise & Shine Program

Nathan is a painter teaching on Cape Cod and was the first creative arts teacher to be awarded the Schieffelin Bowl for his contributions and excellence in teaching. Before moving to the Cape, Nathan lived and painted in NYC, where he had numerous solo exhibits and group shows in the East Village and SoHo.

joe Gallant 3.jpg



Joe is a full-time oil, acrylic and watercolor painter and instructor. His painting technique is loose, spontaneous, and full of interesting color interactions. The light and transparency in his paintings create a glow that is recognizable from across a room. Gallant conducts his popular Big Brush Painting Workshops at several Cape Cod locations and does painting demonstrations for various types of organizations.

Amy Talhouk Head ShotJPG copy.JPG



Amy  is a passionate cook – to create food that is authentic, simple and delicious. Her husband from Lebanon is a happy recipient of these recipes. She has learned how to cook many Lebanese dishes with his mother and sister. Her most recent experimentation is with her Ooni home pizza oven. She is fearless in the kitchen and a font of knowledge.



Language Arts,

Wine, and Culture

 Floriano’s professional career spans more than 36 years in education. He taught French and Spanish, and High School Latin in several school districts. In retirement, he has been quite active in the Academy for Life-Long Learners at Cape Cod Community College where he taught several courses and served as its president from 2012-2013 academic year.

Dianne Voikos.jpeg


Health and wellness

Dianne started her career as a Registered Nurse, then began her own business as a licensed massage therapist. She specializes in working with athletes and keeping them on top of their game. Dianne is also an herbalist and has started a product-based business, called Herbs Oils and You, using natural herbs and oils, formulating sport products for active lifestyles.

Lees Yunits.jpg



This is a yoga practice developed by Lees Yunits, E-RYT 500, who has taught yoga at the Cultural Center since 2017. With more than 40 years of practice and study, Lees includes the techniques of Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Vini-Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama. Stretches, holds, balance postures, breath and meditation-all aimed to enhance every aspect of your well-being.

Headshot copy.jpeg



Marc is an author and has spent the past 15 years sharing his expertise for earthy and elegant vegetarian cooking. He was born and raised in New England and has lived across the US, soaking up inspiration. He comes from an Italian and French heritage rich with meaty dishes and his style of vegetarian cooking is inspired in part by what he learned growing up.  Paris has become Marc’s “home away from home” and has influenced him in flavors, cooking technique, and style. 

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