The woods are calling! What is it about the mystery of the woods that calls us in? The change of shape and shade within each season. It brings us gifts of blazing color in the fall after the heat of summer and marks the precious first signs of spring after the weight of winter. The Woods truly have their own personality and energy. We invite you to experience over 70 pieces of curated work.

Exhibition in all Constantinidis Great Hall, Saben Board Room Gallery, Blue Room Gallery, and the Vault Gallery galleries from Wednesday, March 31, through Saturday, April 25, 2021. This show will also be on our online galleries on March 31.

The Cultural Center will host an open house, April 3 from 2-5pm.

Congrats to all of our participating artists!

Thom Adorney

Rob Anderson

Lee Badger

Sharon Bibeault

Jeremy Blair

Steven Bradbury

Sandy  Bridgewater

Michelle Brown

Robin Bundi

JoAnn Camp

Laara Cassells

Vicki Conley

Betsy Payne Cook

Nathanael Cox

Donna Dangott

Kaya Deckelbaum

Barbara DeMott

Connie Dillon

Kathy Edmonston

Dale Finley

Carol Flax

Larry Folding

Jennifer Foran

Michael Frechette

Elinor Freedman

Tamblyn Gawley

Cassidy Girvin

Gini Giuliani

Dennis Gordon

Marcia Guetschow

Ann Guiliani

Jeremy Harrison

Julie Henderson

Anne Hitch

Danielle Hodgins

Elizabeth Kayl

Jennifer Kelly

Ricki Klages

Kendra Larson

Lindsay McGrath

Catherine Meeks

Robin Melavalin

Robert Mesrop

Jayne Mistretta

Sally Myers

Rosalie Nadeau

Christine O'Dell-Ferguson

Denise M Oehl

Don Pirch

Pamela Redick

John  Redick

Ted Rigoni

Karen R. Ryder

Adele Sanborn

Erika Schwarz

Mimi Sheiner

Jody Shyllberg

Rene Smoller

Rachael Sokolowski

John Starinovich

Erin Starr

Susan Straub-Martin

Bernadette Waystack

Jenny Wilson

Erin Zerbe

Denise Zompa

All are welcome, and CDC protocols are in place, including mask wearing and social distancing. By participating in any activity at the Cultural Center you acknowledge that you may risk exposure to COVID-19 and will hold the Culture Center free from any liability as a result of attending an activity. The Center highlights several protocols to ensure guest and staff health and safety, including modified hours, new visitor guidelines, and monitored attendance in galleries.

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