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"New From the Studio"


The exhibition will be presented in all historic galleries from January 10 - February 4, 2023. 

Opening Reception 

Friday, January 13, from 5-7pm

We are excited to announce our 2023 Members Exhibition, New From the Studio. Open to all Cultural Center members; this vibrant and diverse group show is a fan favorite each year. One of the great aspects of this show is that it reflects so many facets of our members – in a wide variety of genres, mediums, styles, sizes, and approaches to visual art. This year's theme is meant to inspire our members to try something new and be brave and bold in 2023. Thank you to all of our participating members!

Participating Artists

Leslie Altman

Sue Altman

Linda Beach

Alexandria Boudreau

Bruce Calabro

Dave Caolo

Eileen  Casey

Carole Ann Danner

Laine Dunham-White

Christa Edlund

Lynne Ellis

Jesse Ensling

Carolyn Ferrell

Jon Fish

Christine Fitzsimmons

Carol Flax

Elinor Freedman

Jim Garb

Elaine Gardner

Donald Gauland

Janet Gauland

Joan Gauntlett

Ross Gorman

Rusty Griffin

Ann Guiliani

Sol Hartman

Kenneth Hawkey

Anne Hitch        

Marieluise Hutchinson

Marilyn Jenney

Lauren Kalita

Susan Kilmartin

Jakki Kouffman

Sharon Lieberwirth

Mary Lou Mack

John Magnan

Dick McGarr

Dawn McKenzie

Sharon Merton

Barbara Moss

Diane Moudouris

David Mullen

Rosalie Nadeau

Susan O'Brien McLean

Jeanne O'Neil

Nate Olin

Susan Overstreet

Debbie Owen

Suzanne Packer

Philip Pariseau

Edward Phillips

Sara Porter

Sallie Raymond

Amy Belle Rice

Carl Richards

Donna Richardson

Kathleen Rocha

Candice Ronesi

Karen Ryder

Lew Schwartz

Erin Starr

Elaine Tata

Sally Vince

Bernadette Waystack

Laurel  Wilson

Lisa Xu

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