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Nuova Commedia

An exhibition by Carole Forbes

April 2-27, 2024

“My reimagining of Commedia Dell' Arte characters use minimal lines to imply volume. I emphasize hands, feet, and faces and concentrate on the abstract distribution of color and line on a flat plane. It is a whimsical approach to individual and group interactions. I invite the viewer to consider the complexities of both design and relationships.” Carole Forbes.

Quello Spiritoso, The Witty One


Spiritoso wears a distinct hat and carries a dove in one hand and an olive branch in the other. Spiritoso is a true native Florentine who lives by the country's motto, Pax et Defensio Libertatis, Peace and the Defence of Liberty.

[acrylic on canvas]

Il Cantante, The Singer


He is a well praised jazz singer.  Il Cantante chooses to carry an engaging mask.  He welcomes his viewers to join in on his performances and to think of life today, as the Belle Epoque, the beautiful age.

[acrylic on canvas]

Il Cantante_ The Singer.jpg
La Ragazza DOro_ The Golden Girl.jpg

La Ragazza D’Oro, The Golden Girl


Her origin of birth is Venice, a daughter of Il Cantante, who was a gypsy and singer.

La Ragazza d’Oro represents Perseverance and Justice.

[acrylic on canvas]

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