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December 5–17, 2023

Showing in the Great Hall Gallery.

We asked our artists to create a unique exhibition, perfect for the holiday season.

The result is "Paint A Postcard" – small, affordable pieces of art created as postcards – the classic 6x4 format to say a creative "Hello!” to friends and family during the holidays.

Every postcard is has been individually created, across media such as oils, watercolor, photography, pencil, ink, collage, fabric and fiber. And they capture the rich and varied holiday spirit in all of us!

They are all for sale – just $25 each postcard – with 100% of all sales going back to the artist. So every purchase supports the arts in the most direct way possible.


Amy Araujo

Joshua August

Amy Axen

Annemarie Baldauf

Marta Baumiller

Annie Bell

Judi Bradford

Mary Brooks

Greg Buening

Matthew DeLay

Cailyn Ferguson

Kelly Ferguson

Amy Araujo

Joshua August

Vincent Ferrari

Joyce Frederick

Sharon Maria Go

Barry Goldstein

Terry Goulart

Lisa Greene

Ondrea Hidley

Brooke Jiskra

Chasity Johnson

Alice Kociemba

Mary Kozlowski

Thomas Lipkins

Maja Ljubic

Amy Mason

John McAlpin

Lisa McKenna

Susan Miiller

Valerie Mowbray

Heidi Mozingo

Shirley Nannini

Christine O’Dell-Ferguson

Clare Olivares

Susan Overstreet

Alexandra Palmer

Mary L. Peng

Rudi Pizzi

Courtney Ravita

Jessica Rechner

Barbara Redondo

Rebecca Renaud

Paul Rifkin

Hasna Sal

Aija Sears

Lauren Sellars

Mark Shevetone

Mary Striegel

Vicki Swanson

Nga Trinh

Anna W

Linda Zanetti

環益 張

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