"Woodways 2021, A Collaboration," an Exhibition by Hugo Rizzoli and Ellen Adamson 


“Woodways 2021, A Collaboration” features collages of wood and mixed media

by Hugo Rizzoli and pyrography (wood burning) works by Ellen Adamson. 

The exhibition will be presented in the Blue Room Gallery from October 27-November 13.

The Cultural Center will host a reception on Friday, October 29, from 5-7pm.

 Hugo Rizzoli

My own perception of visual resonance, as I work, relates primarily to color. In addition to form, line and edge, color relationship determines my direction. But for me collage is also tactile and I work to incorporate diverse surfaces, some time-worn, some freshly painted, into the process of collage-making. It is a process of continuous addition and subtraction, trial and trial, not unlike driving by looking in the rear view mirror. This approach leads, as well, to continuous engagement with found materials such as antique papers, reclaimed wood and fabrics gathered from street, marsh, beach and yard sale. The resulting harmonies and discords become the sources from which I hope to capture the elusive offering poet Wallace Stevens described as “a pheasant disappearing in the brush.”

Ellen Adamson 

Pyrography (aka wood burning) is a zen kind of thing for me. Not only do I love the smell of wood smoke, I also love how each piece creates itself. I rarely have a preconceived design for a piece but let the shape of the item or the grain of the wood dictate the direction. Sometimes this proceeds very smoothly and other times not so much. There are no mistakes in wood burning You can't erase a burn mark. But each slip of the tool or twist of the grain creates a opportunity for a new idea. Sometimes I am hard pressed to find a way to cover a "mistake" but it almost always comes to me eventually. Just like life, you take the turns and bumps and try to create something good out of it. Sometimes, in my case, you re-invent it over and over. The process can feel precarious but the rewards for me have been amazing and wonderful.