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As a cherished member of the Cultural Center family, your past generosity has been instrumental in our efforts to inspire and enrich our community through arts and cultural programming. Your contributions have allowed us to create transformative experiences and foster creativity and learning within our community.

Here’s a small glimpse of what your previous support has enabled:

  • Metamorphosis - Inmate Success and Transition Powered by Art:   Our impactful program at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility supports incarcerated women in reintegrating into society through visual arts and mural creation.
  • HyArts Programming Annex:   In partnership with the Town of Barnstable, we've offered 36 unique programs for all ages, expanding our reach and community engagement.
  • Palette Supper Club:   Experience our new dining venture led by Chef Nicholas Caplice, where each menu is inspired by our gallery exhibitions, creating a unique culinary journey.
  • 2024 Summer Exhibition - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:   Join us for a magical, family-friendly summer exhibition featuring "The Dorothy Paintings" by Christina Schlesinger, immersive activities, themed dining, and more.

 Why Your Support Matters
Your continued generosity is crucial to maintaining and expanding these enriching programs. By donating today, you enable us to:


  • Sustain and grow transformative arts programs.

  • Enhance community engagement and educational opportunities.

  • Create unforgettable cultural experiences for all.

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