Become A Member

Our members mean the world to us. Their annual dues help to fund our facility, programs, and the many ways we assist artists and enrich the Cape’s cultural community.

In return, our members receive:

  • a monthly newsletter full of information about what’s been happening and what’s on tap for the weeks ahead
  • discounts on many events and classes
  • a chance to exhibit artwork during our annual Members’ Exhibition
  • an invitation to our annual Members’ Reception
  • special offers and opportunities from area merchants
  • and the satisfaction of supporting an award-winning organization that serves as both an arts center and a community center for the entire Cape.

It’s quick and easy to become a member. Stop by the Center to join in person, call 508-394-7100 to sign up over the phone, click here to print out and mail in a membership form or sign up online by clicking here.


There are many ways to support the Cultural Center.

Unrestricted operating funds are critically important. At present, our areas of greatest need are equipment for our new Education Wing and additional staffing. We would also like to pay off our mortgage and build an endowment. All of these needs can be addressed with unrestricted funding.

But we are also very grateful for program support so we can better serve youth at risk and other under-served populations.

And donations in kind help us host events and exhibits, provide those in need with art materials, and furnish our building.

Donors often give through our Annual Fund, which we launch in the fall but which runs all year. By naming a part of our main building or new Education Wing. By becoming members at a high level. Through stocks and other assets. And by including us in their estate planning. To discuss the possibilities, please contact our Executive Director, Robert Nash, at or 508-394-7100.

Click here to make a donation to the Cultural Center, including memorial funds established to honor Kevin Callahan and Alexander Holmes.

What others are saying about the Cultural Center:

“The Center has a reputation of fiscal responsibility that has led to the support of many donors.  Just three full-time staff members and an army of volunteers keep the Center alive and buzzing with activity demonstrating the commitment of this community to their Cultural Center.  This facility operates year round offering both after-school and summer programming for all ages.  The money that has been invested in the Center benefits the citizens directly.” Carol Woodbury, Former Superintendant of D-Y Schools

“The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is one of the most exciting and dynamic institutions this region has seen. With a reputation for putting on first class event and exhibits … all on a shoestring … the Cultural Center of Cape Cod has in its brief history raised the bar for bringing a new level of excitement and interest in the arts to this region, through a cornucopia of works and interactive events that reach out to everyone on the Cape. … The Cultural Center is a beacon of excellence and pursues its mission by engaging all of us in the arts through meaningful, dynamic dialogue.”  Jane de Groot, Director of Program Resources, Duffy Health Center

“Very quickly, the Cultural Center has become a valuable community asset. … In our experience, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod has the organizational skills, the drive, and the results of many successful projects to become a major force in the artisan and cultural landscape.” Wendy Northcross, Executive Director, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

“We have worked with the Cultural Center of Cape Cod on many occasions. Their professional staff consistently meets and exceeds our high expectations. Their dedication to our region’s young people, emerging artists, and under-served populations speaks to their philosophy of inclusion and accessibility and has tangibly benefited our cultural community.” Margaret Van Sciver, Past President, Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

“The Center is committed to its mission and seeks out every opportunity to touch the lives of people on Cape Cod. It is a great asset to our community.” Pat Janiak, former Director of Development, Cape Abilities


The following anecdote may help explain the importance of every donation we receive, large or small.  


Not long ago, a woman came to an event on an evening so warm that we had turned on the air conditioning.

Now, our wonderful, quirky, old building has peculiar hot or cold spots, depending on the season. And this woman happened to be in a particularly cool area.

As I passed by, she said, “You people must be rich. You’ve got the air conditioning cranked up so high you must have money to burn.”

I assured her that we were actually a skeleton crew on a shoestring budget, working very hard to fund programs for the community, but she was unconvinced. “Look at this place,” she said, the Great Hall around us beautifully impressive. “You clearly don’t need any support.”

And therein lies the rub.

Our beautiful building with its high ceilings and Palladian windows makes us look rich. So does the gorgeous new Education Wing we’re preparing to open to the public. But it took a Herculean effort and a lot of very generous people to restore the main venue and build the new wing. And we work every day, and always will, to raise money for the programs that enrich the community and the lives of its citizens, especially those who understand that arts and culture are treasures that deserve to be valued.

It’s a perpetual challenge to meet escalating demand, to serve anyone and everyone who needs us, to keep the lights on … the heat in the winter, the air conditioning in the summer.

But sometimes people pay more attention to how we look than to what we do, and they decide that we don’t need support.

Actually, we do need support, for many reasons, all of them good but some of them boring. Insurance is boring, but we need it. Snow plowing is boring, but we need it. Payroll and electric bills and maintenance aren’t terribly sexy to donors, but they’re terribly important to our capacity to serve.

So the next time you think we’re rich, think again. And consider how impoverished the community would be without us.

We appreciate every gift, no matter how small, and we stretch every dollar as far as possible … like all good stewards do. We’re a great investment that will return dividends for decades to come. And we promise to spend every penny wisely and well.

Thank you for including us in your charitable and planned giving or for getting in touch if you’d like to discuss the possibilities. If we’re rich, it’s because of our relationships with people like you.


Planned Giving

“I have chosen to become a member of the Legacy Society because the Cultural Center has so enriched my life that I want it to be a strong and healthy asset to the community I’ll leave behind.” Steve Abbott, Dennis, MA

The Cultural Center launched the Legacy Society in 2017 to honor and build a community of major donors who embrace the Cultural Center’s mission and want it to thrive.

These Legacy Society Donors have decided to include the Cultural Center in their Estate Planning, through:

  • A Charitable Bequest
  • Life Insurance Policies or Retirement Plans
  • Or any other kind of bequest, either during the lifetime of the donor or in his/her will.

Like any family, the Cultural Center calculates the worth of its members by considering who they are—as people—and what they themselves value most. The gifts they give to the Cultural Center come in many forms, only one of which is monetary. But let’s face it: we depend on many people to fund the work we do for the sake of a strong, healthy, and vibrant community. And we welcome arrangements that suit our donors.

To discuss an arrangement that best suits you, please contact our Executive Director, Robert Nash, at 508-394-7100 or He is happy to come to you or to meet you at the Center, whichever is most convenient.

Sponsor An Event

Sponsorship opportunities at the Cultural Center are many and varied. Too numerous to list here. Our major events include:

The Alexander Holmes Memorial Concert held in May at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds in Falmouth. Proceeds support an annual music scholarship and the operation of our recording studio, which is free for teenagers.

The 5K Run / Walk for the Arts, held each June.

The Celebration of the Arts Festival, held each August.

A November festival that evolves from year to year. In 2016, it will be called Revelry and will be characterized by hands-on activities and maker demonstrations, plus a two-day Arts Marathon in the Great Hall.

Seasonal events that come and go, such as the Upscale Resale Tag Sale, the Bass River Garden Stroll, the Symphony of Houses house tour, and the Garden Club of Hyannis Holiday Showcase, which takes place every three years.

All sponsors are acknowledged on our web site, in our newsletter, on signage, in the media, in correspondence, and elsewhere. Sponsors donating significant amounts will be recognized in additional ways. Major donations may qualify for naming rights.

The amounts listed below are suggestions. All sponsorships are, however, greatly appreciated.

Run/Walk for the Arts (A Benefit for the Cultural Center)
An annual 5K run and walk in beautiful, historic Bass River. (Major sponsors: $2500)

Celebration of the Arts (A Benefit for the Cultural Center)
Named the “premiere” event of its type by participants, this 2-day August festival showcases the work of many fine artists and artisans (major sponsors: $2500)

Major Art Exhibits
Every year, the Cultural Center has been chosen as the venue for a regional exhibit by a national arts organization. This honor is, however, costly, since the organizations pay no rent and often expect venues to incur considerable expense. Exclusive sponsorship of a major exhibit: $5,000

Events by School Children and Nonprofits
The Cultural Center offers free space for any school-related performance or exhibit. It also lends its facility to a number of nonprofits for their programs and special events. The attendant loss of rental fees is considerable. Annual sponsorship: $15,000 (exclusive). Major sponsorship: $5000.    

Naming Opportunities

The Galleries

Any of the five galleries in the Cultural Center proper, currently known as: the Great Hall, the Board Room, the Vault, the Blue Room, the Artisans’ Gallery (Gift Shop). Amounts to be determined.

The Education Wing

While most of the spaces in our new Education Wing have already been named, a few are still available. To review the possibilities, please click here.


The Cultural Center depends on active and dedicated volunteers who serve in many capacities:

Reception Desk: Volunteers answer the phone, process reservations and registrations, welcome and assist visitors, process sales in the gift shop, and assist with clerical and other tasks as needed. There are usually two shifts, Monday through Friday, from 10am-1pm and 1pm to 5pm. Volunteers in this role will be trained to operate a credit card machine, forward phone calls to appropriate staff, and otherwise manage front desk operations. If you are interested in taking a weekly time slot, please contact Business Administrator Meg McNamara at 508-394-7100 or

Events: Volunteers help at events ranging from concerts to art receptions, classes to festivals. Duties may include preparing and passing food, pouring wine, assisting patrons, setting up and breaking down chairs and tables (if possible), and other tasks. We send a monthly email listing of upcoming events so volunteers can choose which they’d like to work. If you would like to be on our email list and receive training, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Nicki Palmer at

Buildings and Grounds: Able-bodied volunteers willing to help set up for events and/or break down afterward, paint as needed, assist with landscaping seasonally, and otherwise help keep the Center in good shape are invited to contact Nicki at the address above or Executive Director Robert Nash at 508-394-7100 or

And if you have a special skill—like preparing grant proposals, writing press releases, or managing data—please get in touch with Nicki or Associate Director Lauren Wolk at