If there’s one thing that can make or break a photograph more than any other, it’s lighting. In photography, the golden hour is the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight has a soft diffused glow. It’s warm, dimensional, and just flat-out magical, and we can see why photographers swear by it. 

Henke, Kenneth Wyoming Treasure

First Place
First Wyoming Treasure
Kenneth Henke
Wellington, CO


Rock Harbor
Diane Collins
Plymouth, MA

Guertin, Jayne Children of the Lake

Children of the Lake
Jayne Guertin
Cumberland, RI

Stevens, Jackie Deer Silhouette

Deer Silhouette
Jackie Stevens
Northport, NY

Corthell, Michael Early Morning Walk

Early Morning Walk
Michael Corthell
Millis, MA

Collins, Maureen Sunrise Ballet

Sunrise Ballet
Maureen Collins
Wilmington, DE

Ravnik, Maureen Sunrise on the Yampa River

Sunrise on the Yampa River
Maureen Ravnik
Littleton, CO

Cossa, Nicoletta Winter Dawn

Winter Dawn
Nicoletta Cossa
Borgo Vercelli, Italy

Boirin, Philippe Loving Shadows

Loving Shadows
Philippe Boirin
New York, NY

Allen, Nick Burrow

Nick Allen
San Rafael, CA

Elenko, Michael Dusk, Agren Park

Dusk, Agren Park
Michael Elenko
Vashon, WA

Champion, Hilda Close of the Day

Second Place
Close of the Day
Hilda Champion
Naples, FL

Dumo, David Autumn Sunset Waves

Autumn Sunset Waves
David Dumo
Palm Springs, CA

Redburn, Lisa Sunset at Menemsha

Sunset at Menemsha
Lisa Redburn
Plymouth, MA

Zurey, Frank Sunset & Joshua Trees

Sunset and Joshua Trees
Frank Zurey
Golden, CO

Paul, Cheryl Zen Cat

Zen Cat
Cheryl Paul
South Dennis, MA

Goodrich, Jane Untitled

Jane Goodrich
Stockbridge, MA

Nicklow, Valerie Evening Gas Pump

Evening Gas Pump
Valerie Nicklow
Evergreen, CO

Cuda, Greg BattenkillRR

Greg Cuda
Saratoga Springs, NY

Sitkin, Marc Kayak Sunset at Paine's Creek

Kayak Sunset at Paine’s Creek
Marc Sitkin
Harwich, MA

Hodsdon, Canbra Evening of Fire

Evening of Fire
Canbra Hodsdon
Marshfield, MA

Freeman, Steve Nundu Farmer

Nundu Farmer
Steve Freeman
Galloway, NJ

Smith, Sam Lady of Gold

Third Place
Lady of Gold
Sam Smith

Foster, Stephanie Edge of Sky, Land and Sea

Edge of Sky, Land and Sea
Stephanie Foster
West Harwich, MA

Jacobson, Don Hunt's Mesa

Hunt’s Mesa
Don Jacobson
Portland, OR

Scott, Wil SUnset Glow

Sunset Glow
Wil Scott
Annapolis, MD

Briggs, Alexa Sunset 4

Sunset 4
Alexa Briggs
Hopedale, MA

B, Almy Dereliction II

Dereliction II
Almy B
Melrose, NY

Rasco, Chuck Evening Stroll

Evening Stroll
Chuck Rasco
Arvada, CO

Leidich, Bryson VA Sunrise Clearing Storm

VA Sunrise Clearing Storm
Bryson Leidich
Harrisburg, PA

Branscomb, Rick After the Catch

After the Catch
Rick Branscomb
Londonderry, NH

Dorin, Melvin Peaceful Light

Peaceful Light
Melvin Dorin
Cambria, CA

Salome, Kenneth The Golden Hours

Tuscan Dawn No. 2
Kenneth Salome
Attleboro, MA