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An exhibition of new work

by the Printmakers of Cape Cod

Running between September 12–October 7, 2023

THE PRINTMAKERS OF CAPE COD was organized in 1976 to encourage, assist, and promote printmaking on Cape Cod as well as to provide educational opportunities for new printmakers, collectors, and others interested in original prints.

Not only traditional intaglio prints from etching or drypoint, linocut or wood relief prints, silk screen, lithography and monotypes but also digital imagery using the computer and photography.

Our prints could be up on a wall, could be a combination of techniques or move out spatially as three dimensional works.

Prints can be on paper, wood, metal, canvas or encaustics.

Karleen Lougran-RELEASE .jpg

Karleen Lougran, Release

Print Makers-Vicky Tomayko_ Garden Groomed.jpg

Vicky Tomayko, Garden Groomed

The field of printmaking is limitless!


Sara Ringler, Quest 2

AliceGalick_RED WIND.jpg

Alice Galick, Red Wind

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