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This exhibition will be displayed in the Saben Board Room Gallery and Art Library and Blue Gallery, from May 30 - June 24, 2023.

A collection of works exploring nature minus man and man in nature, set on Cape Cod. Emotion is significantly more important than detail. The clean lines of the figures are at once totally in and slightly separate from the landscapes. The landscapes themselves are a riot of paint and color, illuminating the artist’s passion for her subject.

Cloud Fest-Rebecca Gmucs.jpg

Rebecca Gmucs is an American Painter who loves to paint Cape Cod and just about anything else. Her new works explore the figure in a landscape in a simplified, almost printerly form. This is no surprise, she started out as a print-maker – falling in love with the silkscreen process in high school.

She worked and studied printmaking, textile design, then moved to landscape design and ran her own design business for many years. She won awards for planting and container design. She started painting on the side and steadily explored the medium.


The love of plants and nature happily combined with a passion for color to produce richly, impressionistic landscapes of places she goes and places she lives. Rebecca works with both brushes and palette knives to explore the physical qualities of paint.

Pink Moon II-Rebecca Gmucs.jpg
Listening-Rebecca Gmucs.jpg

This painter is in love with seeing the beauty of the world around her and wants to share it with everyone. She is constantly challenging her self to do more, something a little different, outside her comfort zone. Rebecca has gone through: “I can’t possibly see how I can paint water” – so she paints water; “I can’t possibly see how I can paint trees” – so she paints trees. “I’m not sure how I feel about painting the figure” – and she starts her new series.


Ms. Gmucs’s work has been collected in the US and the UK. She has shown at the Rockefeller Estate in Westchester, NY, Provincetown Artists Association & Museum in Provincetown, MA.

She has shown in Brooklyn, NY, and in Manhattan and Boston with The National Association of Women Artists. Rebecca is an award winning member of Manhattan Arts International. She is member of Eastham Painter’s Guild in Eastham, MA and shows at many Cape Cod venues.

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