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Why this? Why now? I chose this subject because it is personal. As a survivor of domestic violence, workplace discrimination, and often the only woman at a table, it is personal. I grew up thinking that I could be anything I wanted to be. With hard work, passion, and grit, why not? Well, because the world still isn't ready. I want to look a little girl in the eye and tell her to dream big, and that she can get there and know that it is true.

I want girls to grow up and be brave instead of perfect, to feel beautiful for being intelligent and strong. I want corporations, employers, and bosses to view women and men through the same lens and pay them the same amount for the same work. I want females to be inspired by other women, to have role models and opportunities to try new things in supportive environments. I hope an exhibition experience like this will encourage people to open a dialogue, look at the world; challenge the accepted norms.

Art is a powerful tool for change. The Cultural Center put out an international call for art asking the following questions: What has caused the injustice? Are we doomed, or is there a solution? How do we move away from exploitation and empower ourselves and others?

We are so excited about the work coming to Cape Cod from 22 states and Canada. You will experience 56 works of art that will make you cry, break into laughter, cause anger, and give you goosebumps.

Molly Demeulenaere, Executive Director

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