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It is the intention of this exhibition to challenge the artists in one specific way. There’s a dichotomy within the title, unspoken, but there to be discovered. While superficially, it’s obvious from the title what is being asked – something we’ve seen or heard, someone we met, somewhere we went, or a particular meal. But it’s much harder to communicate that feeling or emotion to those not there. The tension between what we think and what we can communicate and finding a creative way to resolve it is held, unspoken, within the title.


This then was the challenge we hoped the artist would solve. To take that perfect moment—something personal and subjective—then realize it in such a way that it communicates to the viewer, and becoming objective and universal. The artworks for this exhibition have been chosen with this dichotomy in mind and what you will see varies widely in style and execution, subject and narrative. Hopefully they all contain something of that tension in communication that helps elevate art to move us.

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