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an exhibition challenging the traditional notions of art

April 2–27, 2024


Welcome to the intersection of creativity and technology, where pixels become poetry and algorithms weave masterpieces. Step into the captivating realm of AI Art, where the boundaries of human imagination are redefined through the lens of artificial intelligence.


Donna Mohan, A(n) Eye on You Three

[thread and polymer clay button on canvas]

This exhibition celebrates the fusion of art and technology, showcasing how machines can interpret, innovate, and inspire in ways never before imagined. From mesmerizing digital landscapes to thought-provoking abstract compositions, each piece invites you to contemplate the symbiotic relationship between human ingenuity and machine intelligence.


Jon Goldman, Fuzzy Truth  [mixed media]

Prepare to embark on a journey through the ethereal landscapes of the digital canvas, where innovation meets imagination in the most unexpected of ways.


John Stringfellow, Demigods: An Anatomical Chart


Vince Quevedo, Confused  [art quilt]


Jurors of Selection and Awards

John Stringfellow and Val Gerischer

Awards presented by: 

Cape Cod Star: Homes, Websites & Art


participating artists

Annemarie Baldauf

Nikyra Capson

Casey Figueroa

Val Gerischer

Jon Goldman

Josh Gorton

Ondrea Hidley

Beth Johnston


Michael Kolitsky

Donna Mohan

Russ Price

Vince Quevedo

Ben Sisto

Rachael Sokolowski

Ned Sonntag

John Stringfellow

Joe Tantillo

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