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Working mainly in oils, and occasionally adding the value of other media, Evans is truly inspired by the tones and hues that Mother Nature provides us. He captures that range in his work by merging the use of line with the painterly approaches of chromatic progression and tonal diversity.


Evans is a graduate of The Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston MA, and Tufts University (B.A, Art Education). He lives on Cape Cod and maintains his studio at the beautiful Cultural Center of Cape Cod in Yarmouth, MA.

The Arnolds, in fact, are a family of artists, and Evans is no exception. With two sisters both in the art and design world, and parents who met in art school (Evans’ father is famed sculptor and carving artist Eldridge Arnold), it is accurate to say that "making art", for Evans Arnold, is much like breathing air. Or, as Evans might tell you, making art is just like composing music.​

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