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The Cultural Center strives for a balance of emerging and established artists in all media and makes every effort to promote and sell the work of all artists who exhibit in our galleries. We urge exhibiting artists to work just as hard to prepare their work properly for hanging, promote their exhibits, and fully engage with patrons.


The Cultural Center has five galleries. Exhibits may fill one or more of the galleries. Both individuals and groups may exhibit work. Most exhibitions require 4 weeks to secure a space. 

Historic Building

Constantinidis Great Hall - Invite Only

is the largest gallery and also serves as a performance space and function hall. 

Vault Gallery 

This gallery is, in fact, a bank vault and therefore, has no windows, but it is a very well-lighted and an incredible installation space. 

Blue Gallery 

A small gallery  with lots of light and shelving along one wall, perfect for a combination of two- and three-dimensional work. 

Saben Board Room Gallery 

A mid-sized gallery frequently used for community meetings. This sophisticated space has white walls with a historic navy blue trim.

  • All spaces require commission on sales.

  • Rental prices for galleries depend on size and scope. Please fill out the exhibition submissions form to submit your interest.

Education Wing

Creative Arts Space and Gallery

  • Drop off and hang: Monday

  • Open to the public: Tuesday

  • Opening Reception: Friday

  • Close to the public: Saturday


  1. Open Houses are traditionally held on Fridays from 5-7 pm. 

  2. The Cultural Center will promote all exhibits in various media outlets, Cape-wide.

  3. Artists must provide hi-resolution digital photographs of their work with captions and permission for the media to reprint their images. 

  4. Artists are expected to submit an inventory list in advance, preferably at least one month before the exhibition opens, so we can prepare labels for the artwork. 

  5. A deposit of half the rental fee is required to reserve space. The balance is due before the exhibit opens. In the event that an artist must cancel an exhibit, the deposit will be refunded ONLY if the Center is able to fill the space. 

  6. All work must be original by the artist and NOT previously exhibited at the Center. 

  7. All work, including sold pieces, must remain hanging for the length of the show, though the artist may give permission for a buyer to take a piece early under special circumstances. In such cases, a sold piece may be replaced by the artist. 

  8. All work must be properly prepared for hanging. Tabletop frames are not acceptable for hanging. They may, in some circumstances, be permitted for display on pedestals. Artwork must be wired.  

  9. Oil paintings must be dry. 

  10. Unframed paintings should be either gallery-wrapped (the image wraps around the edge to the stretcher frame) or museum wrapped (the edges are finished off in a solid color). 

Interested in exhibiting? Submit your work below.


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