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April 30–May 25, 2024

ONE EARTH is a story about our planet. The damage we cause and the future we will live in. Through the work of three diverse artists, this exhibition explores the crises we are facing, from ocean-choking plastics to climate change.


Sarah Thornington uses plastic marine-debris found along beaches and repurposed materials to create works that ask the viewer to pay attention and take action.

Artist Statement

"As a local Cape Codder and artivist that uses plastic marine-debris found during beach cleanups and repurposed materials, my work is a call to action. And a call to pay attention. And maybe a call for help. Our planet holds so much wonder, and we are all interconnected; it’s time to work together to protect all of the world’s creatures, including humans.The oceans are rising, the climate is changing, the world is drowning in plastic and species are becoming extinct under our watch. I use my art to keep awareness on all of these issues, and, I hope, to remind people to be conscientious consumers and to walk gently on the planet."

Sarah Thornington, Pippa the Plover

Erin Starr creates paintings that uniquely and beautifully represent the changing landscape and pressing issues with dire consequences for our fragile world. 

Artist Statement

"My art is a profound dialogue between our planet’s crisis and my creative expression. Our land is constantly transforming and as our planet continues to warm, we see these effects more profound and rapid. I see inspiration in the beauty of the land as well as the elements in its organic and abstract nature. I am creating a story of our planet but, most importantly, a message about climate change, the human impact on the environment, and what is infinite or finite. My paintings represent a changing landscape and the pressing issues with dire consequences for our world in a unique and beautiful way. My series “Of the Earth” is the story of our planet. It is the story we are writing, the history we are making, and the future we will be living."

Starr_Erin_Minings Toll_02.png

Erin Starr, Minings Toll


Skooby Laposky, Listen to the Trees

Skooby Laposky installs biodata sonification sound stations that generate real-time data. This site-specific  installation will gather data from the Japanese Maple, located in the Center’s courtyard.

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