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Our themes are designed to challenge the artist. Sometimes the titles are complex or obscure, other times they are simple or straightforward. GREEN / LIGHT sits in this latter camp – the words are familiar and superficially at least, it’s easy to understand what is being asked for. But dig a little and it becomes apparent – the easier the title the harder it is to creatively interpret it.


And that dilemma has thrown up two angles in this exhibition. The head-on interpretation of the title – something ‘on the nose’ but beautifully executed. Or, the angular interpretation – finding a subtle nuance that gets you around the rules and into new territory. In GREEN / LIGHT we have discovered both and the resulting show is a happy mix. We have thoroughly enjoyable groups of artworks that hit the button just how we’d hoped. And we have others who found that hidden gem and who’ve surprised us.


One of the important roles of our online exhibition program is we can offer a different kind of exhibition at The Center, and our digital gallery platform enables us to be more creative experimental with our public experiences. Please share the link with friends and fellow artists so we can keep developing these digital programs.

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