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A great photograph isn't just about high resolution or pin-sharp focus; it's also about an emotional feel, the capture of a fleeting moment, or happy accident. This exhibition is all about those moments. Whatever the subject, we wanted to be able to read a story into each image. When we look, the photograph just gives a clue; something had just happened or was about to happen. We’ll never know exactly what and we fill in the blanks privately.

This exhibition puts each of us in each of the images, and allows our imaginations to explore, and to create a narrative. They say a photograph doesn’t lie but all of us would tell a different story for each image. No one is lying, but the truth is personal, usually private, and different every time.

Whatever the image this is an exhibition about our lives, created by the click of a camera shutter. As such, it’s unique, delightfully diverse, and a powerful collection of stories.

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