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The Cultural Center strives for a balance of emerging and established performing and presenting artists and hosts a wide array of concerts, readings, films, and other events.

We work very hard to promote the work of all who perform/present at the Center, but we urge participants to appeal to their followers through social media and other means.

The Cultural Center promotes events through PSAs in local newspapers, magazines, and radio; online calendars; Facebook, Twitter, a weekly email blast, and other social media; paid advertising as our budget allows, on-site signage; a monthly hard-copy newsletter, and other means.

We rely on our performers and presenters to provide us with hi res jpegs, events descriptions, and permission for the print media to reprint images. We request such materials well in advance of the event.


The Cultural Center generally splits the gross revenue from an event, with 60% going to the performer(s) and 40% to the Center.

The Cultural Center requires performers to fill out a W-9 tax form if they receive $600 or more in a given year. We will then issue a 1099 for tax purposes.

On occasion, the Cultural Center will agree to a guarantee, but this is rare. We simply cannot afford the risk in most cases.

Executive Director Robert Nash, who handles all bookings, will discuss other specifics when he responds to proposals.

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For a schedule of exhibits, events, and classes, please click here.

The Cultural Center strives for a balance of emerging and established artists in all media.

We work very hard to promote and sell the work of all artists who exhibit in our galleries.

We urge exhibiting artists to work just as hard to prepare their work properly for hanging, promote their exhibits, and fully engage with patrons.


The Great Hall: $300/week
The Board Room: $150/week
The Vault: $100/week
The Blue Room: $100/week

20% commission on all sales.


No rental fee.
40% commission on all sales.
Invitationals are at the discretion of the directors.
All exhibits must run for at least two weeks. If we have a one-week gap in the schedule, a one-week exhibit is permitted.

To submit a proposal for an exhibit, please visit the Submissions & Proposals page.


In addition to an annual Members’ Exhibit in January, the Cultural Center hosts occasional exhibits and issues calls for submissions locally, nationally, or internationally.

To submit to exhibits featuring Cape and Islands artists, participants simply fill out an entry form and pay a small fee. Fees are not returns if artwork is not selected for exhibition.

National and International shows involve submission through Café Call for Entry, on line.

Calls for entry, for both visual and literary art, are posted on the Submissions and Proposals Page.


The Cultural Center has four galleries. Exhibits can fill one or more of the galleries. Both individuals and groups may exhibit work.

The Great Hall is the largest gallery and also serves as a performance space and function hall.

The Vault Gallery is, in fact, a bank vault. It therefore has no windows, but it is a very well-lighted place.

The Blue Room Gallery is a small gallery with lots of light and shelving along one wall, perfect for a combination of two- and three-dimensional work.

The Board Room Gallery is a mid-sized gallery frequently used for community meetings.

We provide table easels, pedestals, and draping on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Great Hall: $300/week
The Board Room: $150/week
The Vault: $100/week
The Blue Room: $100/week

20% commission on all sales.

Click here for a floor plan of the galleries.

To submit a proposal for a gallery exhibit, please click here.



Exhibits generally hang on Tuesdays, open on Wednesdays, close on Sundays, and come down on Mondays.

Receptions are traditionally held on Fridays from 5-7pm. Artists are responsible for providing refreshments. When the Center hosts an exhibit of its own, it provides the refreshments.

The Cultural Center will promote all exhibits in various media outlets, Cape-wide. For best results, artists should provide hi resolution digital photographs of their work with captions and permission for the media to reprint their images.

Labels will be provided by the Center for .50 each if artists submit an inventory list in advance, preferably at least one week before the exhibition opens. Artists who wish to produce their own labels must adhere to the Center’s guidelines. (Essentially, white labels the size of business cards with text printed in black. No handwritten labels, please. We provide tape for adhering to walls.)

A deposit of half the rental fee is required to reserve space. The balance is due before the exhibit opens.

In the event that an artist must cancel an exhibit, the deposit will be refunded if the Center is able to fill the space.

All work must be original by the artist and not previously exhibited at the Center. Prints are permitted in bins only.

All work, including sold pieces, must remain hanging for the length of the show, though the artist may give permission for a buyer to take a piece early under special circumstances. In such cases, a sold piece may be replaced by the artist.

Cultural Center staff will assist with hanging an exhibit, as needed. They are also frequently available to hang the show for the artist. Such arrangements should be discussed in advance.

All work must be properly prepared for hanging. Tabletop frames are not acceptable for hanging. They may, in some circumstances, be permitted for display on pedestals. Wires are preferable to sawtooth hangers.

Oil paintings must be dry.

Unframed paintings should be either gallery wrapped (the image wraps around the edge to the stretcher frame) or museum wrapped (the edges are finished off in a solid color).

To submit a proposal for a gallery exhibit, please click here.

For information about submitting work to the Artisans’ Gallery Gift Shop, please contact Gift Shop Manager Elena Tobin at All artisans selling work in the Gift Shop must be at least part-time residents of the Cape or Islands and members of the Center, which collects a 30% commission on sales.


The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is available for public and private events of up to 200 people. Various parts of the facility may be rented to accommodate events of a range of sizes and other particulars.


-centrally located
-easy access from the Mid-Cape Highway
-handicapped accessible
-two performance/function halls: one holds approximately 80 people, the other up to 150 (but events cannot “max out” both spaces simultaneously)
-air conditioned
-caterer’s kitchen and a warming kitchen
-tables to seat approximately 100 guests, chairs for up to 130
-Bose sound system, microphones, and audio input access from iphone, laptop, etc.
-ceiling-mounted projector and 10-foot pull-down screen in Great Hall. Compatible with laptops, DVD players, cable (supplied). -Flat-screen, wall-mounted monitor in smaller hall connects to laptop, video camera, etc., with sound system.
-four galleries with year-round art exhibits.
-baby grand Steinway piano (or spinet, in smaller performance halls).
-staff support before and during the event. Our staff does all basic set-up and break-down of furnishings.

The Cultural Center does not supply linens, dishes, flatware, glassware, or other materials generally handled by caterers.

The Cultural Center does not have a liquor license. If parties renting the facility plan to sell alcoholic beverages, they must make arrangements with a bar tending service or caterer that supplies a TIPS trained bartender, liability insurance, and a one-day liquor license. Those who plan to give alcohol to their guests at no cost must discuss arrangements with the Cultural Center before the event booking can be confirmed.


The Cultural Center is a perfect venue for small, one-of-a-kind weddings. We are handicapped accessible and centrally located, with plenty of parking.

All of the information below should prove useful as you consider your plans, but we are a unique facility with a creative staff happy to meet with you to see how the Cultural Center can best suit your needs.


Depending on several factors, attendance should not exceed 100. A band with dance floor and/or buffet, for instance, will limit floor space and therefore the number of tables and chairs available to your guests. On the other hand, an event that does not attempt to seat everyone can accommodate more guests. Twelve 60” rounds, eight per table, with full place settings, means 96 guests, an ideal number for the space. While the Great Hall serves as the centerpiece of the event, our ancillary galleries are available for bar, dessert room, gift room, children’s room, and other activities.


The Cultural Center has worked with several caterers to hold many successful events. We have both a warming kitchen and a full commercial kitchen. We can also supply power to a catering truck in which some of the food preparation takes place.

Bar Service

Most event planners engage a caterer or professional bar tending service to handle the bar. Since there are several ways to manage this aspect of your event and special considerations for each of them, arrangements should be discussed during the planning stage and detailed in your contract.


We supply:

-twelve 60” round tables (that seat 8-10)
-17 6’ banquet tables (that seat 8) OR can be used for buffet, bar, and other food/beverage service
-10 hi-top “bistro” tables and 20 stools
-130 chairs
-a mounted BOSE sound system, 5-CD player, mixing board. The sound system is compatible with CDs, iPods, iPhones, and live performers
-a state-of-the-art projector and 12-foot drop-down screen (compatible with dvd player, laptop, etc.)
-a video camera that projects simultaneously onto a screen in either function hall: useful for art demonstrations and other detailed work.
-microphones and stands
-a Steinway baby grand piano.

You supply:

-china and glassware, etc.


Most events are scheduled to start no earlier than 8am and end no later than 10:30pm, with all activity completely concluded by 11pm.

The price of a wedding includes access to the building from 9am to 11pm on the day of the event. We ask that the bar close at 10:00 at the latest and that ALL guests depart the grounds by 11pm.


Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis that takes into account the type of event, duration, and other particulars.

Although the Cultural Center is, itself, a non profit organization, it makes every effort to give other non-profits a discount, depending on their budget and other particulars.

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod charges a flat fee of $2500 for weddings. Additional services (rehearsals, special considerations not detailed above, etc.) may be subject to additional fees, to be determined during discussions and specified in the contract.

For more information, please contact Robert Nash, Executive Director, at 508-394-7100 or