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The Cultural Center is known for the breadth of its programming, but because depth is equally important, the Education Wing features several specialty studios to provide students, faculty, and professionals with dedicated spaces that are well-equipped and accessible year ‘round.

The Simoneau Culinary Arts Center is a commercial kitchen that serves many purposes, including teaching, catering, and collaborating with other organizations. Resident chef Joe Cizynski teaches classes, hosts special dinner parties, caters many of the events held at the Cultural Center, and cooks for private parties on-site and off.

The Alexander Holmes Memorial Recording Studio, home to Night Owl Recording, provides a professional level space for teaching music and sound engineering and recording music and spoken word. Named for a young Cape Cod musician, the studio is free for young people from the area and affordable for others. A professional sound engineer manages the space and works with individuals and groups interested in recording their work, podcasts, and special projects of all kinds.

The Hilliard Ceramic Arts Studio is the site of many classes but is also available for a fee to potters interested in using the space. It is equipped with several wheels, two kilns, and a separate space for glazing.

The Adams Photography and Digital Arts Studio provides a fleet of software and hardware for digital design, graphic arts, filmmaking, and the editing and manipulation of digital photographs.

A mini makerspace is primarily devoted to woodturning and is home to members of the Cape Cod Wood Turners, who teach in the space and mentor young people in the Center’s Rise and Shine program.

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