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The Alexander D. Holmes Recording Studio at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, offers a combination of mission-driven service and cutting edge technology by leading manufacturers of industry-standard equipment such as Avid, Presonus, MOTU, Audient, Reaper, Avantone, Audix, and many others. With a hybrid concept in mind, the studio can accommodate up to 24 channels with room for expansion. The space has been designed for artists to both use the in-house studio equipment and easily incorporate their own equipment for studio sessions as well.

 The 450 square foot studio, located in the lower level of the Cultural Center’s Education Wing, has ⅝” sheet rock walls hung on resilient channel strips that cover rock wool-filled, stagger-studded 2”x6” walls. The studio features a large live room of just over 300 square feet with an 8-foot, acoustic-tiled ceiling; a vocal booth with four tie lines; a modest control room; and an entryway, air-lock space that doubles as an additional booth for instruments, such as upright bass or guitar amps that need isolation.

The studio is equipped to handle recording sessions ranging from a simple spoken word performance, to small ensembles and bands, to orchestral music as well. The acoustical treatments in the rooms can be adjusted to taste for any given performance.

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