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The Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod’s premier juried show and sale, featuring paintings by nationally recognized contemporary artists with a wide range of artistic styles and subjects, including coastal scenes, still life, and figurative work.


The exhibition fills the Cultural Center's historic galleries from June 27-July 22, 2023.

The opening reception will take place on Saturday, July 8, from 6-8pm. 


There a very strong showing this year. 376 works were submitted by 137 artists from across the country. Out of all these, 87 key  works have selected to be in this year’s exhibition with artists from 18 different states across the country and 59% of acccepted artists from MA.

The 27th Annual National Juried Exhibition “2023 For Pastels Only on Cape Cod” celebrates the pastel art form and features works by contemporary artists from across the country—and indeed the world. It provides pastel artists a distinguished opportunity to showcase and sell their work.

McAuliffe_J_Jesus (1).jpg

Pastel is fabricated from finely ground pigments,

a pulverized inert white filler such as ground calcium carbonate or kaolin, and a minuscule amount of binder such as gum tragacanth. The powdered ingredients are combined and rolled into sticks of colored powder. Pastel is usually drawn on paper, which must have a slight texture or “tooth” to grab and hold the medium on its surface.

The optical vibrancy of a work in pastel results both from the absence of yellowing resins in its composition and the reflection of light from the innumerable facets of the finely ground powder.

It is an opaque medium and does not depend upon the underlying brightness of the paper to impart luminosity.



Tom Bailey

Kate Bergquist

Rita Berkowitz

Carol Bliven

Christine Bodnar

Terri Brooks

Eileen Casey

Lois Castellana

Christine Chisholm

Pamela Cook

Betsy Cook

Nancy Culver

Marcia Dalbey

Susanna DalPonte

Paula David

Alison Davidson

Anne DeBenedictis

Ella Delyanis

Keith Demanche

David Denyse

Kathe Drake

Joan Dromey


Jane Egan

Margaret Emerson

Wolfgang Ertl

Joelle Feldman

Jeff Fioravanti

Dave Francis

Richard Franz

Elinor Freedman

Ted Fuka

Janet Gendreau

Jeri Greenberg

Anne Healey

Christine Ivers

Elaine Joseph

Joyce Kahn

Tricia Kaman

Dave Kaphammer

Sandra Kavanaugh

Grace Keown

Susan Kerrigan

Matthew Kestner

Susan Klinger


Jill Law

Shuk Lee

Julia Lesnichy

Mena Levit

Kristie Loncich

Karen Mackiewicz

Tatiana Makht

Valerie Mandra

Bonnie Maresh

Jory Mason

Joseph McAuliffe 

Valerie Mine

Sarah Miquelle

Judith Moakler

Maryann Mullett

Sandra Obrien

Laurinda O’Connor

Peggy Orbon

Suzanne Payne

Andrea Pejeau

Donna Petrangelo

Heather Quay


Maxene Raymond

Judith Richardson

Ruth Rinard

Jane Robbins

Donna Rossetti-Bailey

Tatiana Roulin

Joy Sawyer

Diane Sawyer

Laurie Schlatter

Janet Schwartz

Carol Sheingold

Jeanne Tangney

Mary Tennaro

Denise Theodores

Lisa Thorne

Robin Thornhill

Natalie Timoshin

Patricia Varcasia

Nancy Whitin

Cheryl Wildermuth

Joanne Willoughby

Joe Yoffa

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