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An Introspective exhibition of large-scale oil paintings that orchestrate color, space, and movement through fluid emotion and personal awakening drawn from her time spent on Cape Cod... showcasing a canopy of nature's force that unfolds itself through a visual experience  reinterpreted through  inner emotion, both allusive and affective, and is translated onto canvas.



by Luba

 This exhibition will be displayed in the Great Hall and Vault galleries, from May 30 - June 24, 2023.

Opening Reception, Friday, June 2,  from 5-7pm.

It all began on Cape Cod where I fell in love with the sea and my painting began.   Born in Boston, the natural allure of the flats of cape cod bay influenced me in so many ways from its reflecting light to forever changing skies.  Today, I search to capture the light in what I see throughout my travels, always reflecting back to the cape where it all began, chasing light and color along the coastlines of the Northeast, Cape Cod and my hometown at the jersey shore of Rumson-Fair Haven.  I find great joy when I can interpret the fluid emotion of color, light and space in its ethereal beauty and at the same time expose my inner emotion, setting myself free from life’s everyday.

Aside from my seascape and cloud paintings, I find incredible happiness in transcribing onto a canvas the characters and personalities that I meet.  Narrative storytelling, a favored discipline of mine, allows me to tell a story in brushstrokes... A story teller at heart, each piece is unique as I set out to draw an audience into a narrative experience with characters set on a magical stage surrounded by lyrics, poems and images.  Each piece starts with a poem. And in every changing pallette of color, I strive to mimic each brushstroke to the words of my poetry.


Take a journey as you turn the pages, setting yourself free to the brushstrokes of emotion... a visual experience of joy, sadness, passion and love.  Enter the world of Luba.

Artist statement

“As artists, we search to capture the light in what we see, to then transcribe with our brush, a stroke onto the canvas. An artist must abandon oneself truthfully each and everyday in his studio to be real. From Van Gogh to Picasso, every artist looks to capture the light in its beauty. For me, my brushstrokes evoke my emotions, exposing my inner self onto the canvas, telling the stories of my life in color and light. And with that said, as I interpret my stories on to the canvas, I will forever be running... chasing light, a muse of beauty and wonder."

Splinters and Thunder




Sculpture- created from 2000 yards of marine rope, thread, wire and recreated photoshop paper on mannequin


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