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Opening Reception Friday, February 9, 5–7pm

Exploring the possibilities within fiber art to showcase

the beauty and versatility of the medium.

FIBER ART can be see as both a new and an old form of art. The use of fibrous materials—woven, knitted, printed, wrapped, tied, sculpted, etc.—has long been a part of human culture. Traditionally, fibrous materials emerged as functional objects but in the aftermath of the World War II and with further investigation into the nature of an art object, fiber art slowly became a force and a movement in its own right. 

DURING THE 1950s, as artists received recognition, the term "fiber art" was coined to help describe and categorise their work. During this period, the contribution of craft artists—not just in fiber but in clay, ceramics, and other media—inspired a number of weavers to begin binding fibers into non-functional and non-objective forms to create works of art. The two decades that followed, the 1960s and the '70s brought an international revolution in fiber art. With the rise of the women’s movement, and the consequences of feminist art, along with the birth of postmodernism theory, fiber art was reinforced and popularised.

FORMS OF FIBER ART include sewing, quilting, needle point, macrame, weaving, felting, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, rug-making, basket weaving and many more. As the years pass, different forms of fiber art have increased and decreased in popular artist interest. Macrame, for example, became very popular during the Victorian era, faded out of focus, then regained popularity in the 1970s. Today fiber art, in all its increasingly varied forms and styles, is more popular than ever and os one of the fastest-growing art forms of the 21st century.

Scott Glasser, SUITS#2 (mixed media)


Delaney Conner, FEMME 6

punch needle embroidery


Amy Broderick, TABLE OF CONTENTS (detail)

hand-cut and hand-woven paper ephemera


Charlie von Schön, HOMESAFE

sewing machine, embroidery, felt


long pine needles, clay, waxed thread


Janet Austin

Patti Barker

Jenni Barry

Al Bates Lombard

Diana Baumbach

Ken Beerbohm

Anna Beurskens

Jennifer Boldt

Amy Broderick

Jessica Cavaliere

Lucy Childs

Kate Clark

Rachel Ivy Clarke

Lauren Comerato

Delaney Conner

Zenona Darrow

Jackie DeRuyter

Kristen Dettoni

Debra Disman

Charlie Dov Schön

Stephanie Elliott

Abby Fay

Gabriel Feld

Sheila Ferri

Carol Fitzsimons

Carol Flax

Katherine Frensley

Shelley Gardner

Gabriella Gentile

Eric Goldstein

Rocio Gomez Sandoval

Diane Giardi

Brooks Harris Stevens

Nosheen Iqbal

Kevin Jacobs

Patrice Kelley

Ronni Komarow

Leigh Lambert

June Lee

Lily Martina Lee

Paul Lewandowski

Katherine McGuinness

Donna Mohan

Charlotte Moore

Skip Mueller

Selina Narovlansky

Toni Newhall

Susan Owens

David Press

Chelsea Revelle

Caroline Sawyer

Penny Shuman

Kathy Spoering

Meriel Stern

Stephanie Wenzel

Nancy Wood

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