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"Battle for the Soul of the Planet," New Works by C.A. Stigliano

New Exhibit Explores a ‘Battle for the Soul of the Planet’

Monsters and Heroes in Blocks of Wood

War in Heaven II, Battle for the Soul of the Planet. 2021, Poplar 24 x 39 x 2”

For Immediate Release

April 26, 2023

SOUTH YARMOUTH, Mass—The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is proud to present its new exhibit, “Battle for the Soul of the Planet,” by C.A. Stigliano, a professor of sculpture at the Massachusetts College of Art. The exhibit features more than 30 three-dimensional and relief woodcarvings that illuminate the disconnection of humankind. The show runs May 1 through May 27.

“This show is about the monsters,” Stigliano explains. “They’re the people who have everything and want more. These are the people who benefit from the sowing of anger and fear. They tell us that looking out for ourselves is more important than looking out for each other.

C.A. Stigliano

“I found monsters in blocks of wood, but I found a few heroes as well,” Stigliano adds. “I have a lot of hope in the next generation, so many of them look beyond their own welfare and so many are ready to show us that they have the will and the strength to fight.” Stigliano has taught at Massachusetts College of Art since 1984 and has exhibited his work around the country.

“As an art center, we are committed to contemporary artists and showing work that makes people think as they dwell in the gallery,” said Cultural Center Executive Director Molly Demeulenaere. “Working with Stigliano over the past year has been rewarding in so many ways. His artistry, breadth of knowledge and humility makes him an artist that I yearn to collaborate with.”

Learn more about “Battle for the Soul of the Planet” at For media photos, click HERE.

Media contact: Leigh Blander | 781-718-3324 | Museum contact: Molly Demeulenaere |

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