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Exhibition: Lost History-Rediscovered

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod celebrates the Unveiling of “Bass River - Lost History-Rediscovered"

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is proud to announce the opening reception for "Lost History-Rediscovered," a captivating exhibition that unveils the rich historical tapestry of the Bass River and South Yarmouth area. Co-curated by the esteemed Bob Kelley, this event promises to be a journey back in time, inviting the entire community to explore and embrace the treasures of their own backyard.

The exhibition, running from March 6 to March 30, will showcase a remarkable collection of historical artifacts dating back to the 19th century. From rare documents and photographs to ancient tools, the four main galleries of the Cultural Center will come alive with the stories of those who shaped the landscape we call home.

Waban Webquish sharing an oral history presentation in the Great Hall.

Saturday, March 9th , the exhibition featured a special oral history presentation with Wampanoag Tribal Member, Waban Webquish who said, “as a Wampanoag historian and cultural anthropologist, I look forward to discussing the artifacts on display and the authentic history, perspectives and present-day experiences of Yarmouth’s indigenous peoples.”

Later in the month, the Cultural Center is excited to present the exhibition’s lecture series by co-curator Bob Kelley, Bass River Historian. Kelley's expertise will offer a deeper appreciation for the intricate layers of history woven into the fabric of our Yarmouth community. Kelley expressed his excitement, stating, "this is not just a display of Bass River artifacts; it's an invitation to rediscover the roots of our community. Each item tells a unique story, and together, they paint a vivid picture of the lives of those who walked the river’s banks long before us."

Visitors to the main gallery will have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, gaining insight into the daily lives, challenges, and triumphs of the people who have called this area home. The exhibition aims to bridge the gap between generations, fostering a sense of connection and pride in the shared history of Yarmouth. Residents, municipal administration, elected officials, and the broader community are invited to come and celebrate this occasion. By supporting "Lost History-Rediscovered," we not only preserve our heritage but also create an enriching experience for future generations.

“I want to applaud the Cultural Center of Cape Cod for helping us better understand and appreciate the history of Bass River. The Town of Yarmouth has a history that is incredibly rich and of great interest to our community. Bass River is an environmental treasure. It draws people from around Cape Cod and around the world. This will be an exciting exhibit and I am looking forward to it,” said Yarmouth Select Board Member and Barnstable County Commissioner, Mark Forest.

As we delve deeper into the ancient history of Bass River at "Lost History-Rediscovered," the Friends of Bass River (FOBR) will add a current day perspective, specifically the contemporary mission of tackling elevated nitrogen levels and safeguard Bass River's future ecosystem. This real-world collaboration bridges the past and present, inviting you to connect with and support their ongoing education and preservation efforts.

"We encourage everyone to attend the opening reception on March 8th and immerse themselves in the vibrant history that has shaped our Bass River community. Let's make this event a celebration of our shared past and a foundation for our collective future," said Molly Demeulenaere, Executive Director of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod.

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