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SOUTH YARMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS – The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is excited to

announce the appointment of Christine Ernst as the new Director of Learning, ushering in a

new chapter for the Center's rich educational offerings. This transition marks a time of

celebration and anticipation as we welcome new leadership and express our deepest

gratitude for the remarkable contributions of the retiring Director of Learning, Diane Giardi.

Christine Ernst joins the Cultural Center with an impressive background in arts education and a proven track record of community engagement. With two decades of experience at the Cotuit Center for the Arts, Christine has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to creating

inclusive and dynamic learning environments. Her expertise and vision are poised to enhance the Cultural Center by cultivating creativity and learning within the community.

Reflecting on her new role, Christine expressed, "I have long admired the Cultural Center of Cape Cod and am thrilled to join this team of passionate professionals. I am stepping into big shoes and am committed to building upon the robust, inclusive programming that celebrates and serves all learners. I look forward to contributing to this vibrant community and upholding the legacy of excellence that has been a hallmark of the Center."

Diane Giardi shared her thoughts on the transition, saying, “It has been an honor and

complete inspiration to work with one of the most innovative and dynamic Executive

Directors I have ever met. That, coupled with a fantastic, supportive team, amazing,

talented teachers, and a wonderful community of students, members, and guests, has made

my experience here beyond fulfilling. The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is a gold-mine for the

senses and on-going learning, run by caring, creative individuals. Thank you. I will carry this

with me.”

Molly Demeulenaere, Executive Director of the Cultural Center, highlighted the significance of

this leadership change, saying, "Diane's work has been instrumental in establishing the

Cultural Center as a beacon for experiential learning in arts and culture on Cape Cod. We are

grateful to Diane for her incredible passion, artistic excellence, and the outcomes

accomplished during her tenure at the Center. We are excited for Christine to bring her

unique perspective and expertise to our team. Under Christine's guidance, we can look

forward to continuing our mission without missing a beat. The Cultural Center will remain

an educational beacon in the Cape Cod arts and culture community, offering transformative

experiences that enrich and inspire our members and visitors."

Christine's transition into her new role begins on April 29, with a period of overlap until May 3

to ensure a smooth and effective handover. This change promises to be an exciting evolution

for the Cultural Center, its students, and the broader community.

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Congratulations Chris! So happy for you and so well deserved!!❤️❤️ Love from Aunt Linda and Uncle Charlie😊🥰

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