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Paintings by Kathleen Kendall​

Represented by Bowersock Gallery, Provincetown

February 6–March 30, 2024

Both sides of Kathleen's family were from Eastham, and she grew up spending summers

on the Cape. Many of her family were artists so she was surrounded by art as a child. For years she worked as an art teacher in public school in Virginia and now lives and works in Hyannis.

Our new exhibition Myth & Magic features a body of work that is inspired by ideas of enchantment, dreams and myths come to life. These paintings explore themes of story telling, fairy tales and legends and are meant to inspire the viewer to reflect on the complexities of life.

Based on symbolism and aesthetics, they open the door to glimpse another world. Some of the paintings are just oils on canvas that have been applied to a panel. Others are oil paintings of the face and background with paper collage added on canvas applied to a panel.


Kathleen Kendall, Songbird


Kathleen Kendall, Abracadabra


"My work is about developing and exploring mythic stories using symbolic imagery, and I am interested in a visual language that is psychological and personal, however, I believe these images are universal and can be interpreted by others in ways that are meaningful. The subjects of these paintings could be from a moment in passing, or inspired by lyrics from music, or even spiritual concepts and awareness." [Kathleen Kendall]

Kathleen Kendall, Mermaid

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